Scientists Find What's Inside a Black Hole

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Scientists Find What’s Inside a Black Hole
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Have you ever wondered how powerful black holes really are? We know that even light cannot get out of their depths, but a black hole attracting six galaxies at once is something absolutely fantastic. And one monster a thousand times larger than the Sun has managed to do it, spreading its web 300 times larger than the Milky Way.

But we still know so little about black holes that even this may be just the tip of the iceberg. What if black holes hide entire universes inside them? And what if we actually live in one of them?

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Hare Ksna says:

English are only real scientist, the world assume and believe so. Indian saints 5000 years before know what is universe. No one can dig the universe. Atleast dig to know what's in our ocean

Physics by ,Stan Prisajny says:

Octopus is inside it

Vito Hall says:

Unless I'm missing something here wouldn't a black hole have to swallow a whole universe in order to create a whole new universe ?

Küala says:

Very strange channel, are the scripts written by a non-native speaker?

Mo King says:

One of your first statements is that the laws of Physics do not apply beyond the event horizon! I strongly disagree. The event horizon is not reality as it is just a number of points in space where light cannot escape and therefor cannot affect the current laws of physics. With this in mind the laws of physics apply as you approach the event horizon and as the EH is not a reality the laws of physics will still apply up to AND past the event horizon. We must abide by the laws of physics unless proof shows us otherwise.

G Man says:

27:00 that would be the least of our worries

B GF says:

Why is this video so long ? 47 minutes of fluff

Amix Liark says:

Lol. They are close but not question there.

the wolf says:

It took you a whole half an hour to get into the point of the Title

Alexis And The Death Chickens says:

Very "Hitchhiker's Guide" themed.

puululos says:

the sky is bleu because we live inside a giant's eye named makumba.

Bruce Madrigal says:

WTF, I already theorized this shit like 2 decades ago. Seriously, wtf

Tahir Ahmad says:

Ring of fire called hawking radiation? That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Even black holes of relatively small mass emit about 1 hawking particle every year. So unless this black hole is very close to evaporating fully, I don't think the friend observing from space will see such a thing. I'm pretty sure the ring of fire they are referring to is an accretion disk.

Talari Bharani kumar says:

Its under pressure… Like వాషింగ్ machine…

Vinit Vijay Sankhe says:

What about Hawking radiation?

adam floyd says:

He’s calling it discs , is he a flat earther? I only watched 7 mins odd of it aswell . It’s an hour long nearly .

Kye Huelin says:

What if we stop trying to go through black holes and try shutting them?

Delia Arrivas says:

U go inside the black whole u will see the universe die with you

Sebastjan Tanko says:

what if black holes are not holes at all.. what if they are just "planets" or "gas planets" that are so dense they generate very poverfull gravity not even light can escape.. and thats why they are black. so instead to fall in the black hole you would actualy fall on its surface with a speed that could crush your body to a little fraction of a dust.

when this object die (not sure how) it could release all its energy and mass (that it has been part of sun before colapsing and after ghathered by gravitational pull) to create so much dust, gas,… it could actualy form new galaxy, suns,..

its terifying and exciting how little we realy know about existing of anything. still supriced how could Newton, Einstein and others come up with theories that hold till today, while we have so much more technology (still a fraction of technology of what next generations will have, if we dont destroy oursefs first) then they did.. and prey much we are still clueless

Ioan Melinte says:

Like from Giovanni Melinte.

Doc Holiday says:

Ok they say it sucks everything up who seen that happen? S0 how do you know? I need proof no films no one went there …get real is it say so .,?

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