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Russian media outlets broadcast images and videos of what they said were two US citizens captured while fighting for Ukraine. Video shows US nationals saying ‘I am against War’.

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C L3 says:

Damn, you get visene ?!!

MD Zahid Khan says:

good morning

JDP says:

Two hillbillies got themselves in some deep mud fighting in another man's war. Good luck with that.

Mwangi Staley says:

Lol they got this snitch in fast

Luis DAPONTE says:

Play stupid gams, win stupid prices.

Jajumow says:

They went to a war that doesn’t concern them. What a joke. Stupid.

Framcinexa Dufour says:

Putin moest al lang vast zitten

Dipesh Varia says:

There are terrorist. Send them to prison. Any country that gets involved with Russia will be sent to prison. USA release all prisoners from Guantanamo or any American or British prison

derick pryor says:

They fought for the neo Nazis…they should've been soldiers for they reaping what they sow….

Anthony Petillo says:

Stop the war, there is no war then who is in who's territory,

NICO says:

Next station GULAG

Godwin Edet says:

God bless Russia armed forces for doing the right thing NATO expansion is evil and unacceptable

Samuel Samuel says:

They should face the music. No sorry for them good by

wladimir nowak says:

For safary ? What is surprised !

wangshu Konyak says:

So sad you guys fail to became hero

Afro Viking says:

You going down for real .. The Jail in Siberia is not funny my friends..

Craig Irvin says:

If I was Russia I would release them and let them bite the bullet from there own country. Either way they are apart of war crimes. They will probably be executed on both sides of the country anyway. However they are still us citizens

Craig Irvin says:

At the end of the day, they are still us citizens. I wonder what will happen if the US decided to let Russia execute them. Not only that but they are also veterans. What message does this send to us citizens who want to volunteer to serve. They let us citizens die being captured by another country because they decided to help another country fight a war. This is going to bring up alot of controversy. Why serve if you just going to let your us citizens die

Bullfrog says:

Will Commander and Chief Biden send in negotiators or will these 2 be given free death sentence ?

Mark Stone says:

at least they giving the dude eye drops…respect

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