Trump Smells a Rat & Iran Puts a Hit Out on Pompeo and Bolton | The Daily Show

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Donald Trump fears a rat may be in his inner circle, an Iranian man is charged with plotting to assassinate former Trump officials Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, and Japan is replacing its female minister in charge of reversing the country’s falling birth rate with a man who has no kids. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah

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Darlene Lique says:

i must say 24 hrs simulating pregnancy?? 9 months including symptoms and cravings pls, if you wanna step up, simulation of birth

Chris Burzig says:

The clown is still active. All my life I was greatfull to the allied forces that liberated Germany from a dangerous clown. A few years I wonder what a large number of Americans had been doing when the decent ones went to school (without guns, mind you). I cannot believe that conservatives can be that twisted.

zeveroare R says:

You'd only get paid more if you actually worked more Desi. Get it straight. Your trope has been debunked time and time again.


Remember the earthquake that broke up a nuke plant. The radiation. Wow. Birth control.

tootsietkable says:

Desperate rats do tend to eat each other….

Eric Schmidt says:

Ur ratings are s ck

Eric Schmidt says:

Trevor sounds like a racist,, so much hate hes filled with

Jeffery Hoover says:

I write what I do to alert the non bunker builders. The non gun hoarders. If you see something say something. Domestic terrorism is real. Don't let your friends and families be a victim of your nut job religious zealot neighbors. Call the police and or the department of homeland security if you feel threatened or think they may have or be manufacturing explosives. Unfortunately many are

Pover of nature says:

if the swiss chocolate was so sour like trevor nobody would buy it

D Riley says:

why is Trevor so obsessed with Trump? lol theres no comedy anymore to his show it's just trump trump covid trump trump voters trump

AltPotus says:

I don't believe Trump has any friends.

RJH 63 says:

Oh it's Melania. She's been humiliated by him for years publicly, imagine what she's endured privately?? I have a feeling when he goes down a whole mess of secrets will be spilled by her.

mohamad rezvani says:

به زودی شما دزدان کشورهای دیگر که به امریکا رفته ولی نوکر چین وروسیه هستید امریکا که در 50 سال گذشته حافظ انسانیت جهان بوده را به نابودی میکشید . وهمه مردم دنیا با خودتان را برده چپها میکنید.
افسوس ابلهان در همه جا حکومت میکنند!!!!!!!!!

LaVidaNOTA says:

Trump is back!!!!

Tammy-Joy Blair says:

You would think with all of his money he'd have better teeth

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