FBI was searching for 'nuclear weapon info' during Trump raid

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Reports are coming in that the FBI was searching for documents related to nuclear weapons during their raid of Donald Trump’s home.



Always Unexpected says:

What. A. Crock. Of. Sh*t! The only thing those maggoty cowards were desperate to find were the sealed indictments containing all of THEIR names. If they'd had any intelligence whatsoever, they'd have known that President Trump doesn't have those. Unlike O'Biden & Co, Trump's no criminal.

-- says:

If Trump wanted a nuclear weapon he can easily buy one, he would not have to steal with all the money and contacts he has. This is a witch hunt or a smoke screen.

melissa melissa says:

Is it still called cross fire hurricane or is it let's get trump

John Savage says:

If national security agencies can’t even guard boxes and boxes of nuke info and takes 18 months to retrieve from a resort, why should they point the finger at anyone else? We never saw China and Russia showing teeth when Trump was in office. But grandpa Biden’s off napping while the country’s in crisis mode. A flaccid weak alpha is the biggest threat to the whole herd.

Dan Bushnell says:

I bet he did take nuke info so that down the road one of his decendants can get their own country

An Nguyễn doãn says:

Tuong khiêm 2003×1932

Charles Glasspy says:

When the FBI is going to raid Hunter and Hillary house?

Plenipotentiary Bro says:

He was trying to sell the documents. This man is a traitor to our country.

Rockin Roxxi says:

So Biden’s team never changed the nuclear code for the past two years that he’s been president? They should be fired then

KCBOBX says:

Nuclear documents? Sounds serious… Why hasn't Trump been arrested? It's beginning to look like another Mueller investigation.

Wayne says:

Did Joe Brandon lose the Nukes again? Why look for them at Trump's house?

Greg James says:

Nixon's last docs were released in 2013. LBJ's last doc were released in 2016. Obama has not released any docs, after taking 30 million docs with him.

Anthony Campos says:

Well well well. Hey Trump supporters, Hillary Clinton accepts your apology.

Joycelyn Gutierrez says:

Proof, where’s the proof, media go find the proof, you just repeat what fbi tells you to say

Tomaguchi says:

What a b.s. Waste of taxpayers money!!!

Cj Fox says:

It’s crazy I can’t believe this is happening trump2024

T B says:

More fake news. At this point why would we believe anything coming out of the FBI or DOJ. The fact that the very top officials lied during the Russiagate debacle over and over again, them shamed themselves countless times in the last few years. Faking terrorist plots, faking the Michigan governor kidnapping plot, letting school shooters slip through the cracks because they were more focused on investigating parents that show up to school board meetings, designating patriotism as a sign of extremism, ect, ect, ect… At this point we need to just gut both agencies and drain the swamp of all these despicable, hyper-partisan activists. 2025 can't come soon enough, we just have to make sure we don't let them flee the country before their time for justice comes up…

George Rathbun says:

Dumb-Dumb Trump gonna go to jail! Dumb-Dumb Trump gonna go to jail! Dumb-Dumb Trump gonna go to jail! I can't wait! Dumb-Dumb Trump gonna go to jail!

mark price says:

FBI jumped the shark with this lame excuse.

Kevin Johnson says:

Lies as usual from the Democrats!!

Truth is Pain says:

So we go from tax fraud, illegal business dealings, to nukes.

You see how the narrative keeps changing.

That’s the US media nowadays .

cjhan47 says:

How many of these commenters are Russian Trolls? you know the Russians definitely have Trump's back. Those agreeing with these trolls are traitors.

ExitScreaming says:

Nuclear documents , and the FBI wouldn't allow Trump's lawyers to be present during the search ? LOL of course not , then they couldn't plant the evidence

Alexander Ali says:

It’s on everyone’s mind. When will that clown go to jail for his crimes against our country? He continues to betray the United States by keeping classified sensitive documents for his own personal gains. Why else would he do that?

Oneshot says:

Did they find anything?

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