Alleged assassination plot should bring talks on Iran nuclear deal to a halt, Bolton says

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The U.S. has charged an Iranian man in an alleged plot to assassinate former national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton served in the role under the Trump administration. CBS News senior investigative correspondent Catherine Herridge spoke with Bolton about the plot and shares his reaction to the threat. Bolton also discussed the Mar-a-Lago search and shared his opinion on the Iran nuclear deal talks.

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Jamil Ahmed says:

Mr. Bolton has lost it’s value and now trying to rehabilitate himself by creating a crisis, any attempt on any American life will be a problem for Iran. Unless someone is trying to sabotage the (peace) deal between America and Iran. Peace is bad for some business and for some country’s ideology.

DSkehan2004 says:

I thought they stopped the nuclear deal

Tom Tierney says:

Yeah, well, if they get to Bolton, it won't be any loss to the world.

Frank Bacharach says:

People seem to have forgotten how bolton betrayed his country by not telling what he knew when it could have made a difference …………. but he instead waited until he could profit from it by putting it in a book. Getting rid of bolton would be a service to our country AND DEMOCRACY. He has long been an illegal, unregistered AGENT OF A FOREIGN GOVERNMENT … namely israHELL / the zionNAZIS ……… and he has always blamed the Americans who israHELL has killed over the years … always blames their victims … including the Palestinians who the zionNazis have been systematically torturing, terrorizing, imprisoning, and genocidally killing IN ORDER TO STEAL ALL THEIR LAND AND PROPERTY … FOR 75 YEARS AND COUNTING. OUR US gov't under trumpNazi KILLED ONE OF THEIRS … AND THEY GET ONE OF trump's …………….. 'the deterrant effect' ! (OTHERWISE there is no deterrant effect, and things get really ugly, much faster). Bu-bye walrus mustache zionNAZI agent ! (and when he complains about the price being offered for his offing …….. that's just too precious for words … who'd pay more for a profiteering 'sack of sh- – ' like him ? trump would likely bring even less [even though he's an even bigger sac of sh- – ] … no justice ! ).

geoffrey lachner says:

Actually, Mr. bolton has long ago shown he deserves no help in defending himself. His record of "public" service is revolting and evil. Enuf said!

simon scowled says:

Please testify at court
Bolton: no way! Buy my book instead

blah979 says:

Alleged assassination plot should bring talks on Iran nuclear deal to a halt……………. Yes that was Boltons plan. He does something like this everytime there are peace talks just about anywhere. Only mistake he made was pretending he was the target. Cus no one gives a toss. Should have picked a Puppy or something.

SWeet Pie says:

Oh god the guy is not even in America come on there a lot of people that wants get him around the world I guess we will go to war with every country in the world

hamza hakeem says:

Hypocrites how many of they ppl have you assisnated

Myron Venero says:

Only $300,000 lmfao. What an insult.

DerafsheKavian says:

Does anyone actually believe made up stories like these? Whatever entity is putting these stories out really takes the American public for a bunch of gullible idiots.

Chris Lewis says:

Trade that dude for cheap Iranian crude!

M. Brian Burchette says:

What an honor. If the Revolutionary Guard is gunning for you, you’re doing something right.

Avg Joe says:

He was given the hero of Isreal award. That tells you where his loyalty lies.

Cruise Aiden says:

Garland was raised in Conservative Judaism, the family name having been changed from Garfinkel several generations earlier. His grandparents left the Pale of Settlement in the Russian Empire in the early 20th century, fleeing antisemitic pogroms and seeking a better life for their children in the United States.

jason jones says:

I heard it was Hilary who sent the hit

Riftsplitter says:

We dont need a nuclear deal with Iran to begin with I DO NOT TRUST THEM AT ALL AND NEITHER SHOULD ANY AMERICAN.

Jer C says:

Nobody cares what Bolten says.

Walter Richardson says:

Pale face warmongering murderer's

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