Why are COVID variants so dangerous? | ABC News

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Mutations in the COVID-19 virus continue to pose a risk. Omicron and its subvariants are the latest to cause waves of infections. Subscribe: https://ab.co/3yqPOZ5 Read more here: https://ab.co/3zOKjmh

This pattern of infection and immunity will likely be with us for some time to come.

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Alan Reynolds says:

it's just a mask." "It's just six feet." "It's just two weeks." "It's just non essential businesses."" It's just for the useless eaters" "It's just for non essential workers." "It's just for going into bars." "It's just for going to a restaurant" "It's just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals." "It's just to make the cases go down." "It's just to flatten the curve." "It's just a few inmates." "It's just to keep others from getting scared." "It's just for a few more weeks." "It's just a few more months" "It's just for a few more years" "It's just for going into church.” "It's just a small bracelet." "It's just a phone app." "It's just for tracing." It's just for tracking " " It's just more dying people " "It's just for the greater good" "It's just to let others know you're safe to be around." "It's just to let others know who you've been in contact with." "It's just a few more deaths." "It's just for large gatherings" "It's just a few violent protests." "It's just a vaccine." "It's just 2 vaccines" "It's just 3 vaccines" "It's just 4 vaccines" "It's just a little microchip." "It's just a blood test." "It's just a scam." "It's just for medical information." "It's just a vaccination certificate." "It's just like credit cards." "It's just a few places that don't take cash." "It's just so you can travel." "It's just so you can get your driver's license." "It's just so you can vote." "It's just 200,000 more cases" "It's just another 400,000 doses" " It's just more booster shots" "It's just another booster shot" "It's just more variants" " It's just another scientific study" "It's just another injection in your body" "It's just more studies" "It's just to not let people make their own decisions" "It's just for people with underlying causes" "It's just more lies from the CDC" "It's just more lies from the FDA" "It's just more vaccine mandates" "It's just Fauci lieing" "It's just about get the vaccination or lose your job" "It's just the Omicron BA2 variant" "It's just no scientific evidence to back this claim" "It's just until it doesn't become a threat" "It's just time to take out these tyrannical dictators" "It's just (The New World Order.)



Michael Mallal says:

I miss Gladys.

Vragga says:

This presentation doesn't cover (not sure by design or ignorance) the other parts of the human innate immune system that has a longer memory than antibodies such as B cells and T cells and as such the public in this video (IMO) has not been given all the information they need. Rather than listen to journalist spin, tune-in to episodes of 'This Week in Virology' (TWIV) on this App, which covers not only SARS COv2 but other viruses too.

Gary Mazzataz says:

most information about covid-19 has Censorship now on youtube wither its true or not

Alena Math says:

I like the pretty pictures of the virus that you painted. They are beautiful. No doubt, part of God's magnificent creation.

mrvgranfield says:

How stupid to introduce an old variant vaccine that's way out of date . The people in charge are so incompetent its jaw dropping even suggesting the use of this new but old outdated variant vaccine is a measure of their stupidity . This guy skirts around this fact shame on him for being a part of this deception . Go over and have a look at Dr John Campbell to get something nearer to the truth.

Susanne Schmidt says:

You libs won't let this go will ya..

JLM says:

So many experts on Covid variants, but 3-4 new viruses are discovered every year. They have variants too but Covid gets all the attention?

tammy koble says:

Dr. Fauci was WELL AWARE that by vaccinating EVERY-ONE instead of just a small segment like 70+ would have PREVENTED all of the Variants.

Mike Carus says:

so this guy says protection comprises only vaccine and previous infection. So no science showing benefits of any other methods of protection. Oh yeah, I forgot, masks and distancing. And when they say follow the science they mean follow the science we tell you about and no other.

Dolly Schwall says:

I am scared of vaccine than its virus ..Many report says in Australia and other countries HIV virus found in blood after taking vaccine .

Leonie Wilson says:

This is so laboratory made.

someone other than myself says:

Masks are marginal at best and then only in doors. And the variants are milder for the naturally immune provided they are nutritionally replete and metabolically healthy.

ark tom says:

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JJ TC says:

Wuhan virology lab is so amazing to have this creation ! The biomedicine in China is overwhelmingly powerful than Western counterparts !

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