What scientists can learn from the coronavirus pandemic | COVID-19 Special

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COVID-19 presents manifold challenges for scientists. Genome researchers are out to detect new mutations as early as possible. Ecologists are investigating the risk of infection between animals and humans.

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Tony Noisiel77 says:

Bring a desease to south Africa and it will turn into a SUPER ONE like in a cartoon…

avgust 1989 says:

Sve su to sotone izmislile. Kako to da politicari svi prezive i vi koji prenosite vijesti? Jel to virus samo vazi za bijedu i siromahe?

Laura Nicholls says:

Tell you what they can learn. To tell the truth. About this poison ☠️

faraz rizvi says:

Animal abuse is real

Glenn Zarmanov says:

all alpha coronaviruses come from bats

Mariana Salles says:

Bless you Rabbi✨

SirPaulMuaddib says:

There are plenty of nations that could not afford the vaccine. What they did is let the virus run its course through the country. Guess what? They eventually achieved herd immunity. In addition are doing far, far, far better than over vaxxed countries today.

SirPaulMuaddib says:

Here's one story I would like to see discussed. Which can be verified on any Covid chart site. How come we never hear about this?
The nations with the highest vaccination rates have the most Covid cases.
The nations with the least vaccination rates have the least Covid cases.

J K says:

We learned that mandates do not work and harm societies and economies.

Carol Miles says:

Consider this: COVID 19+ other compound viruses, including Monkey Pox…. All of you should be afraid!

Storm Rider says:

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." – Vladimir Lenin

Everything Is Fine says:

Still pretty amazed how insane people acted in the last 3 years

We are like a planet of clowns

Peter Kroll says:

Vijay, you are needed! Share your knowledge and help to make a better India!

UN based Order says:

Forget the scientists, cuz mutations are faster vaccine creations.
Whole world lockdowns for 3 months, cuz virus can't survive without victims.

Ann SH-EN says:

In 2022 adequate citizens would forget about the virus, that kills only extremely vulnerable and old people. The COVID agenda was made by the media. The same media almost completely forgot about COVID, spreading aggressive news about "bad" Russia and "good" Ukraine and about the economic crisis, made by the Western sanctions against Russia.

narancauk says:

''What scientists can learn from the coronavirus pandemic'———————NOTHING.

Joe Smith says:

Unpopular opinion: Although these monitoring scientists help science in a general way, I think vaccination research investment is best. No doubt, the vaccination scientists can learn from information gleaned by the field scientists. Almost all discoveries come from serendipity during general science research and that is why general investment is essential.

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