What Are the New Discoveries in Human Biology? – with Dan Davis

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Recent and dramatic breakthroughs in our understanding of the body will profoundly change the experience of being human in the coming century.
Dan’s book “The Secret Body” is available now: https://geni.us/I185Yg
Watch the Q&A: https://youtu.be/SAzpyLLrEwQ

We may soon be eating bespoke diets for our microbiome, taking drugs to improve our brains and genetically modifying our unborn children to prevent disease. Join immunologist Dan Davis as he explores how radical and disconcerting possibilities have been made real thanks to the ingenious technologies and decades-long collaborations of scientists worldwide.

Daniel M. Davis is Professor of Immunology at the University of Manchester and author of two previous books: The Beautiful Cure, shortlisted for the 2018 Royal Society Science Book Prize and a book of the year in The Times, Telegraph and New Scientist, and The Compatibility Gene, longlisted for the 2014 Royal Society Science Book Prize and shortlisted for the Society of Biology Book Prize. His research, using super-resolution microscopy to study the immune system, was listed in Discover magazine as one of the top 100 breakthroughs of the year. He is also the author of over 140 academic papers, collectively cited over 13,000 times, including articles in Nature, Science and Scientific American.

This talk was livestreamed on 6 July 2021.

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Zvi Goldman says:

@ 34:30 the amine on the benzene ring of lenalidomide has a single, not a double, bond.

W E says:

Has anyone tried to do that experiment with the worms in reverse?

bo peep says:

You mean like other Nations watching American football. Not a question

Preston Pittman says:

A wonderful report! Thank you so much! My study is actually on Consciousness, and I know theses things you've shared feed into what I am fascinated with!

Shannon McStormy says:

Weird how the women scientists involved didn't get a Nobel Prize, nor were they invited to the ceremony……

1330m says:

so good . interesting .

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Rain says:

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Amma ayee says:


Nik Danubir says:


Abc Def says:

Cancer cell with green glow protein

Not*Me says:

I'm Alien…as still tired undestads it. What is so impressive in few adullts man playing with ball and completely wonder scientist who's analised it.

Kathleen Land says:

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Maximiliano Perata says:

just amzing info

joel yazell says:

Did you make the same kind of microscope that sees more,or did you use advanced tech to make it see better? Are we advancing the microscope,or science.

joel yazell says:

Science doesn’t work that way,you do and use science to prove you did.

joel yazell says:

Right off the bat ,I was thinking of the wrong football. I must be alien here.

Hans Vetter says:

Just read Erwin Chargaff's book "Heraclithian Fire" …

Fred Hsu says:

This is a great talk. Thanks.

Mr M says:

To be more real, the football inference could have been handled with generations of research into the ‘dark football pitch effect’ .

John A says:

The best analogy of science ever? I think so.

Dan Pickard says:

Erik who? At the end

Blind Spot says:

Oh, as an animator I really enjoyed your alien-footbal metaphore. It deserves the animation I saw in my head 🙂

Blind Spot says:

I withdraw the question after the Freeman Dyson quote, since I realize it's not about resolution. It's about a new tool using color that opens up new ways of looking and measuring and that in turn opens up a tool-driven revolution.

This may be an infinitely dumb question to anyone who actually uses microscopes on a daily bases, but didn't we already have an electron microscope, that surpassed the optical microscope 500 times in resolution? Or is the significance of this new micrography just about size and cost of the apparatus or maybe how we as humans like to think and observe in terms of visible light?

phayez RC says:

What does the definition of telepathy actually, really describe and what empirical evidence would prove its existence? By definition telepathy can not be empirically proven since that requires use of the known senses.

Telepathy; Definition:
"the communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses"

Telepathic "language" has to be universal!

Believing in and communicating with God requires telepathy. So religion is a telepathic societal norm!

Telepathy is devoid of spacetime. By the simple fact that the concept of telepathy exists suggests that credence be given to it. Since religion is a telepathic societal norm the leap of faith that telepathy is a real phenomenon is a small step.

brock spiccoli says:

awesome! normal smart dude doing incredible micro science. I hope his work gets some decent collaboration. you do realize that's the future of for todays science to advance is cooperation from different fields. good lecture.

shakubob says:

This is true comedy.

Warren Rodgers says:

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