The Halo Effect In Video Marketing – Video Marketing Secrets Ep.1

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Dan reveals a story, he’s never shared, explaining how the halo effect motivated him to invest in video marketing. Watch this video until the end to find out why video marketing is the most powerful tool in terms of lead generation.

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This video is about: The Halo Effect In Video Marketing l Video Marketing Secrets Ep.1


Dan Lok says:

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Moe Myint Maung says:

I love you, Dan 🙂

Hitesh Golait says:

If anyone wants to start video marketing i have a good news for them
i personally use this @t
Huge amount of traffic, trust worthy

Prashanth Kumar S says:

Outstandingly amazing 🙂

Animal lovely says:

awesome sifu

Cesar Zamora says:

I am in the process to do more videos. Thank you Dan I always learn something new from you.

Ziro says:

Always Be Promoting.
– Ziro out.

Jamil Miah says:

3:19 halo effect

Danny Lin says:

Sifu , I really learned . I tried very hard to learn doing more marketing on internet and paper , but nowadays, paper advertising is become useless. Everyone is on internet world . I didn’t know , because my education background, it’s very hard for no English background people try to do some video ads here at YouTube, but guess what , I learn very good tips here . and use YouTube to grow my business .
Now , I understand your tips .
I will implement to my business of my video marketing .
Thank you very much Sifu .

Ujju_K says:

i have kind off become addicted to your videos. I come here daily night and watch with auto play on. This are some great stuff, it's helping me lot with my mindset currently in starting a business. Thanks a lot Dan 🙂

Carlton Soo says:

Oh my GOD Si Fu I didn't even know people could make money on Youtube like that..???!!??

Strategic Thinker says:

Marketing to rubes certainly requires maximum cringe factor. You succeeded!

دكتور محمد العانوس says:

Really I am suggesting you to make movie "Bruce lee alive" and you are the star, please trust in your self! You are a new business man with a different soul

Eisha says:

Social media specifically youtube has really changed the game for "average" people to change their life. The gatekeepers are gone! Very inspiring, thanks for posting sifu 🙂

Be A Man TV says:

I really like this video, the story telling was great. I agree YouTube is a very powerful tool

Ceuta Garcês says:

That's more than valuable.
Thanks Dan Lock

MRG PRO says:

Great content, as always , Dan. Thank you for adding value toward my journey.

Victoria Strong says:

The influence she had on her fans is just amazing… I can now understand why you went to her concert and how you were observing it all with your business mindset. No wonder you turned to Youtube. Great video and entertaining as well. Thank you sifu.

Clare Andre says:

This superwoman success story is totally convincing me to get my youtube channel off the ground! Also I love hearing about your journey to a crowd that you are not commonly in, and how you took every opportunity to learn from your surroundings!

Muhammad Talha Khan says:

Are you really a superwoman fan.

Yoga Bliss Dance says:

This was so funny Dan!

Chris Bradley says:

I see the power of Youtube on my kids. My 13 year old doesn't watch any TV, but he will endlessly watch his favourite YouTubers that teaches him how to be better gamer. This effect will likely become more powerful for the next generation of clients. I love how you packed this concept.

Keith Lewis says:

I'll follow your lead Dan. Beyond the shadow if a doubt, your every words and ideas resonate with all of what i can fathom. Great video

Emmanuel Ohale says:

The power of visual is the new normal. Thanks Dan.

Doreca Delbridge says:

This is my TV now, I look forward to binge in all your content DAILY. I can see my mindset changing and the ideas that are coming from this progress. Thank you for sharing the gift you have.

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