COVID-19 Concerns Seem To Fade While The Virus Continues To Spread

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Despite a highly contagious coronavirus subvariant’s rapid spread, it seems that most Americans have returned to life as normal this summer. NBC’s Gadi Schwartz reports in this week’s Sunday Focus on new COVID-19 concerns for the fall.

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MrElemonator says:

Don’t disrespect BA1 BA2 & BA3. BA lives matter.

Janine Mcdonald says:

The only virus is TV Doctors and Today rubbish platform.

Janine Mcdonald says:


Doopie says:

Many masked people OUTDOORS here in NY. So don’t worry the fear mongering is still working!

Joe says:

My wife and I have both tested for covid-19. My wife works as a domestic in a local hospital and it was just a matter of time before she got it. She informed her supervisor at the hospital and was shocked at the lack of care from her. they wouldn't supply a test kit and she was forced to pay £2 for one test at our local chemist. She had to wear a mask and go to the chemist as we have no family or friends to get it. I also had to buy a single test kit even though I am very disabled and 76 years old. the test showed I also had covid. We are both very ill with it and have no help whatsoever. We have had all of our injections and I have had an extra one because I am over 75. I think covid is now being ignored by hospitals and doctors' practices. God help us all.

AS Lysa says:

I just got covid 2 weeks ago did the 14 day quarantine yeah, I felt like crap the first two days and it sucked hard to breathe but after 2 days I was up and running and back to my gym routine at home until i tested negative, Im also 58 years old so I'm done living in fear of covid I had three shots and 2 boosters and still got it… yes its cool to push the vaccine and masks and stay safe but don't lock down entire cities and businesses and become the mask police everywhere

Michael Purchase says:

Afraid of covid or afraid of the government?

Serperion says:

Covid has been a joke from the start

SirPaulMuaddib says:

In UK, one report said that excess but non Covid deaths have risen by 18%, for teens.
So in a population sample size of 1000, that is 180 extra people dying then normal.
Somebody explain that statistic for me. Shouldn't "excess deaths" be plummeting with all these vaccinations going on?

SirPaulMuaddib says:

There have been studies done, severity of Covid is related to Vitamin D3 deficiency.
The more deficient you are, the more severe the Covid, according to these studies.
What I did was : take D3 + NAC.
From January 1st 2021 to present day….had no Covid, no cold, no fever, no flu.

Misty Breeze says:

All one can do is protect themselves from transmitting the virus to others, if people are still going to refuse to wear a mask or get the vaccines let them get the virus I refuse to care about those who refuse to care about others

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