Killing Cancer Cells with the Help of Infrared Light – Photoimmunotherapy

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Near-infrared photoimmunotherapy uses an antibody–photoabsorber conjugate that binds to cancer cells. When near-infrared light is applied, the cells swell and then burst, causing the cancer cell to die. Photoimmunotherapy is in clinical trials in patients with inoperable tumors.

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Brew master says:

Have they made any advancements since you posted this video?

Crystal Decorte says:

Would the drug reach tumor in breast tissue ?

saini ksefteri says:

Do you use red light or infra red light? What nm of light? What output of power?

Javier Vanegas says:

Looks promising? The wrongly called 'alternative medicine' world has been proposing its use for cancer for a long time now. Yet, now, after the huge failure of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which the people who actually know about health could know it was going to be a failure since it was just in paper, is that finally they're getting open to trying these types of therapies.

arthur_ko77 says:

What's the status of this treatment in 2021 or was it just another "funding endeavor"?

Artsie Crafty says:

This is so far the ONLY conventional cancer treatment that I would ever consider. All I know is, it cures back pain very well.

Dalton Agrônomo says:

A new technology.

I live in Brazil.

zyl zyl says:

It is a very well design video , as far as graphics and animation , but can you provide actual patients , and their statements , tnXD

Nick Greek says:

Why people dont know about this since 2016? 21,892 Views and the latest PoP song has million views on youtube.. Please Share usefull information and innovative technology.. Its just more important


Robert Alonzo Lisboa says:

Gotta stop those creatures.


PDT(Photodynamic Therapy) is as another therapy for tumor . How about efficiency and safety as compared to PDT ?

N W says:

Hi I am little desperate my Father is diagnosed with cancer in neck is it possible to know if i can sign up or use Dr Kobayashi trial ..any info will be greatfull

Språkdoktorn says:

Ouch – looks very risky to relase tumor DNA and RNA into the rest of the body!! 🙁

Apollo Contestants says:

what about infrared light on breast tissue without taking the conjugate? sounds like it might be of use in general. i know infra red light helps build collagen and rejuvenates skin.

maninblack1231 says:

is this a research or photoimmunoterapy is started to being made on patients ?

Immunologist Ahmed says:

what are Type of special receptors that found on cell membrane of tumor cells ?? and found in all types of cancers or some?? this info not found in article . thanx

Dossell Sinclair says:

OH wow this looks very promising

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