I Downloaded The Most Dangerous Computer Viruses 2.5

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Today, We will be downloading and running way more dangerous viruses I could find on the deep web / dark web. (Most savage as well.) These malwares were created explicitly by people who want to be anonymous. This list is in no specific order and we will only be covering the most dangerous computer viruses on the dark web.

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Crypto NWO says:

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Justin Rain Fumero says:

13:19 nice music to my ears even if its an .exe change my mind 13:41 except this

AIRE LAG says:

I saw SpongeBob behind him

alma rojas says:

I like the 2 one that one sounds like it’s playing music

♡-lizzy afton-♡ says:

10:54 SpongeBob is watching you

TheDiamondArtz says:

Anyone notice how when spongebob is watching you started, on the webcam, spongebob is in the background?

XDVlaDaYT1525 says:

Mylosp just a legend really aren’t ya

Zuzka Pobjecká says:

Computer: is getting destroyed
Crypto: starts dancing

Zuzka Pobjecká says:

That usb itself us one big virus xD

ー ʳⁱⁿᒪᑌᐯՏʏᴏᴜ says:

10:58 SpongeBob lmfao

Jviovoof Kgiffif says:

10:51 look at spongebob behind him


Fuck ill co back later

lux says:

bro i love your cotent

cheryl Meggitt says:

BRO! On the sponge Bob virus sponge Bob was behind you

Алексей Кулаков says:

3:33 finally Yeezus 2 is here

Yusuf says:

Micoscrosft is prob gonna sue ti's person 1 day

Joshy Rae - Novob57 says:

This guy acts as if nothing happened. He just casually vibes to the music.

Fuzzy Feline says:

I love it how some of the viruses make a good beat lol

Kan says:

The computer got hacked so badly the video number was 2.5

Daniel Gonzalez says:

Pause video and go there 6:52

UwU says:

i was just banging to the beat, and it just played one "note". I got really sad after that 🙁

احمد جابر says:

im Nooooooooooo Lkie Viruses

Sheluvsdeez_ says:

How are you opening computers like that is it like a computer inside of a computer??

Luke Genko says:

I love watching your video because there's no interruption of ads love ur videos

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