Forex Trading Secrets Revealed: STOP Trading Forex Until You Watch This!

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0:00 – How Much Money Do I need to Start?
1:05 – Trading With Small Position Sizes
2:08 – Why Does Price Go Down After Good News?
3:54 – Successful Trading System?
5:36 – Are 10+ Trades Too Many?
6:27 – How to Avoid Closing Too Early?
7:56 – Is Averaging Until Reversal A Good Idea?
9:33 – Will My Strategy Be a Long-term Success?
10:51 – Should I Look at Fundamental Analysis?


Conrad Floyd says:

Hey Nick, I have recently started scalping with coinexx, currently using macd to find the trends. Results are not that bad, but I would have expected better outcomes, can you tell me which other indicators or strategies I can use for better results?

M Chadz says:

I really love all this advice this is stuff I've realised through my own journey
Trading is the main thing but you need a side hustle to pull extra cash for trading. And trading is chilled it's supposed to be that way which is why I personally love it, other things are toilsome but you still need that extra cash injection and risk is the most important thing to ride out anything.

Think of it like this, if you had a risk model that saves your account from drawdown while making it inevitable for you to make money. Just chill, stick to a good system and constantly learn and keep yourself sharp

TRADER PRO (Bourse, Trading, Investissement). says:

Bonjour à tous et merci pour cette vidéo très intéressante

Fixgee says:

Sign up with the best broker

Harry Harison says:

Signal. I'm going BEARISH on EUR/JPY. Winter is comming and EU don't have GAS & Oil. German utility plans 31% electricity bill hike. WTF time to leave EU soon is possible.

reymark aquino says:

wonderful advices! Thanks nick!

mawitei & nickya Mukbang says:

Thanks video

Aleksandr Pukharev says:

Good job Nick I like it. Keep going. U changing lives.

Vault FX Trading says:

The way I see it, scheduled news events in the short-term are just used as excuses for volatility to return price to discounts/premiums. The initial direction can be either way, regardless of news being considered good or bad. However, in the longer-term, we see price action more in-line with the expected direction based on the news.

Great video Nick!

ldelacruz22 says:

Nick you the man no bs

Ekeezee says:

2:08 Market manipulation that I love taking advantage of.

Salman Khanzada says:

You are doing great work

Rishi Kuma says:

Very insightful Nick! Wish I saw this a couple months ago. I do need more clarity on the news idea you spoke about though. I don't fully understand it and it happens to me time and time again. NFP will be positive and then USD will just tank down for some reason. I still don't understand why. Please speak on this further, maybe even in your discord pls. Would highly appreciate it!

Avinash Bachchhav says:

Thanks Nick. Good session for newbies

Isa Ali Haidar says:

Thank you Nick for always teaching us how to gain an edge into the market, you are really a blessing to us.
Thank you once again!

Marek Karbarz says:

You're changing people's lives, keep doing what you do

Jack Reynolds says:

I am a swing trader and personally only look at fundamentals when there are upcoming news events to avoid entries during those times. It plays no role in my directional bias or anything like that.

Edrinanimous Anandez says:

Here already

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