Should You Learn Native or Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

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Cross-platform vs Native mobile development. This is a hot debate amongst the mobile development community. In this video, I go over the practical reasons for why you might want to consider learning one over the other.

Business Inquiries:


Intro: (0:00)
1. Native vs. Cross-platform as a career choice: (0:57)
2. Native vs. Cross-platform as a freelancer: (4:15)
3. Native vs. Cross-platform as a business choice: (7:37)


Srini vas says:

Android or ios development – I have both devices. But $25/lifetime Vs $100/year ? Also i want apps to be seen live instead of just on my phone itself. For entry level developer how apps or portfolio should be bigger ?. Getting job in it. Can you suggest regards in it.

Bishal Chakraborty_CSE_79 says:

Hello connections. I am posting this to clarify few things about App & Software Development. I have few questions regarding the same –

Scenario: I'll be learning App development using Flutter & Java (software Android Studio & VS code)

1. What are the Frontend Technologies that are used ? I mean in Web page designing we use HTML, CSS, JS for designing. I have no idea how App development works

2. What are the technologies used for Security purpose of the app ?

3. What are the technologies used as Backend ?

4. What is client-side and server-side aspects of a software ?

I have little bit idea regarding the same, but I have no insights of how to proceed step by step building a cross-platform app.

Thank you in advance…

T S says:

someone give me tldr

Sohail Ahmed says:

if a person who is begginer in this mobile app development which thing first we learn cross platform would be better for beginners or native development ?

Okoroji Godswill says:

Hello Kenny, please what cross platform do you think is better to learn, between Flutter and React.. greeting from Nigeria

brandonbaunach says:

Would you be willing to hop on a consult call for like 40 min for $200?

Moshiko_Az says:

when you started to learn ios after android, did you started with swiftui ?

Trenton Reid says:

I would say native is the way to go since most software companies do native apps. Multiple platform development may be the future but they are still relatively new tools. It's good to know but start with the basics.

Only Shorts says:

helpfull information , but is mobile app like web app ? means does it have front-end(html,css,javascript) and back-end(php,python,nodejs…) and data base ? cuz i'm new in this field

Seetsa Molapo says:

Hey Kenny what books would you recommend for native android development? And is Java still a viable language if one does not wish to use Kotlin?

Umar Ajmal says:

I'm learning kotlin right now
and now moving to android studio
is their any best resource available which anyone can recommend

Big Foot says:

This is my take. Learn one native then choose one multiplat.

Travis says:

Hello sir, full time full stack dev, I've dabbled in android dev for schooling purposes only but I feel like I could build a decent CRUD app fairly easily, thank you for the no BS input for solving my cross platform vs native debate in my head lol. I appreciate your time.

Jacob B says:

Hello I was thinking about getting a certificate in IOS App Development from my local community college. It only require 4 classes, which include:
1) survey of computer information systems
2) Object oriented programming fundamentals
3) Introduction to IOS Application Development
4) Advanced iOS Application Development

If I was to achieve this, do you think it would be enough to land me an entry level position? or would i be dismissed since i don't have a degree? Keep in mind I have no experience in any software or mobile development

Oinam world says:

Which is the best for developing social media app native or cross platform

maikol soro says:

I personally think Android Native is always better

Jesse Burström says:

silly my system React web + my system flutter is all future (also unity plugin) also it is all about compilation of language… so i win!

The Soul Crisis says:

Heh now this is something I thought about……..interesting and thanks for the comparisons!

Mr. Berry says:

Team Kotlin! It's always good to have Google on your side.

Malik Laib says:

Cs50 course of mobile app development with react native is good in 2022 ?

Manny Billionaire says:

Hey i was wondering if we can connect, very interested in what you have to say. just need advice in how to navigate through learning how to trade?

Nirbhay Singh says:

Hi Kenny thank you so much for clearing out my doubts, love your videos man been here since the start❤.

Code Fallacy says:

I want to learn Android Development but Android Studio keeps frying my computer, so React Native it is

Vikktory Gaming says:

Please can you recommend an online course on kotlin(android app development)

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