She was left on the road with matted fur, very weak.. no one believe she can survived but….

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She was left on the road with matted fur, very weak.. no one believe she can survived but….

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I was told a dog was tossed out of a car in East Tx. & it was matted.
What we got was umagine.
Her leg fell off during shaving, it was rotted with maggots.
It’s a girl and we named her Glory!
I have no words but karma to the person who let this dog suffer, ….

Special thanks to rescuer: Camo Rescue
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Rob Peters says:

Dogs might not speak the same language as us but we do need to listen them.

Keressa Beverage says:

Were there charges pressed!!!!!!??

Karen Bouchard says:

Jail would be too easy for her owners!

team fanrizt says:

Oglądałam ten film o tym biednym piesku żadne zwierzątka nie powinny tak cierpieć jak oglądałam to łzy mi leciały ja też mam pieska już 7 lat i królika 9 lat ale bardzo. z mężem i dziećmi dbamy o nie mają bardzo duże miłość i wszystko co najlepsze pozdrawiam

Keecia Buster says:

It's not pleasant to think about, but those maggots probably saved her life. This is a horrible situation, though.

Christi Halliday says:

I've groomed dogs like this for the humane society. Such a shame

Dawn's early light says:

People that treat animals like this need to be gone from this earth…
Thank God there are good caring people who roam the earth who find these sweet animals and try to help.
Breaks my heart to see a dog treated like this!

Evangelist Linda Sheffield says:

Whomsoever Did This, Your Day Of Judgement Is Coming. If Not Already
Little Glory Is A Living Testimony. She Made It. ❤️

Sam Lunoza says:

Omgeee people like this need to go straight hell or jail at least! Effing disgusting human being’s!

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