Best Viral Videos Of The Year (So Far) 2022

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Reasons Why 2022 Is Going Wrong 🥲🥲 #2022 #Viral #Fun #TiH #ThisIsHappening

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D J2 says:

How did the guy working under his car not get run over?

Akinseto Oluwagbogo says:

Weird things happening

fred flintstoner says:

Mrs Richards: "I paid for a room with a view !"
Basil: (pointing to the lovely view) "That is Torquay, Madam."
Mrs Richards: "It's not good enough!"
Basil: "May I ask what you were expecting to see out of a Torquay hotel bedroom window? Sydney Opera House, perhaps? the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Herds of wildebeest sweeping majestically past?…"
Mrs Richards: "Don't be silly! I expect to be able to see the sea!"
Basil: "You can see the sea, it's over there between the land and the sky."
Mrs Richards: "I'm not satisfied. But I shall stay. But I expect a reduction."
Basil: "Why?! Because Krakatoa's not erupting at the moment ?"

Vetle Pedersen says:

Hahahaha 3:39 so fucking funny

Sophie Katt says:

And for the guy stealing from the donation box, I’d be tempted to run over there and hit the door locks on his car.

Sophie Katt says:

1:37 looks like the parking lot at a Stunt Driving School.

Sophie Katt says:

1:13 looks like an Alfred Hitchcock remake.

Ernie Brossart says:

Most of these are not from 2022

Viral Vids Factory says:

wow … crazy!

philip rice says:

guy stealing from donation i would have taken the keys from car and donated them to the local drainage company

donotbend1 says:

i like the ducks

Metabrowser says:

I can't believe that people will prefer to film an incident instead of helping.

Rose Ricchio says:

The covid test only tested for THE virus that is in THE COLD VIRUS JUST IN CASE YA'LL WAS WONDERING .

Thomas Schreiber says:

That's how I reacted to my covid test

Aju Fish says:

Pin if you got me

… Read more

Becki P says:

What is going on at 2:13? Looks terrifying!

KB99KraYziE says:

0:32 and more… he cursed more time XD

Nesta says:

@7:44 I know this one! Its the birdlady from 'home alone 2'!!

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