What we know about the FBI search at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home

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Former President Donald Trump said Monday that Mar-a-Lago, the Florida club where he lives, is “currently under siege, raided, and occupied by a large group of FBI agents.” Two sources confirmed to CBS News that the search was connected to White House records. Here’s the latest.

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Facts_ NoFiction says:

Oh boy, here we go again.

Anthony Funderburk says:

What about all the money Joe Biden and his son and family's getting from China

DUBA says:

Democracy is evil

Amy Fake says:

Why OPEN with comments FROM Trump's lackeys?????? You are not answering the question in the title of your post, you're just being fox jr.

Mario Gutierrez says:

Nothing will happen to Trump and nothing will happen to Biden. Just more smoke show to keep the fools and the sheep busy arguing with each other.


No one is above the law

Tom Potter says:

What we know? Is that people were dancing in the streets. Finally.

James Buckley says:

These Democrats are a joke. There scared to death about trump running again. The looked into trump for 4 yrs. And found nothing. Lets look into Nancy Pelosi, chuck Schumer, and especially the joke of a president we have now biden. I guarentee you'd find plenty on them.

J Harmon says:

MacFarlane sheds some light on search warrants and investigative journalism at the end.

Andy Mullarx says:

It's hard to believe it's gotten this bad in this new version of America. This is all to prevent the American people from choosing their own leaders.

Black Royal Brand says:

“No pre-determined outcome”


Eunice Ransfer says:

Birds of a feather flocks together, no surprise they are with their leader, in crimes committed.

321enviro Yep says:

There are multiple investigations into Trump, but I can’t find any on insider trader investigations on Pelosi, nothing on Schumer, Hunter’s laptop, Maxine Watters or our severely compromised sitting president. Hmmm weird

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