The Kremlin is very angry with Putin! Putin hired soldiers for Hire for the State's Money!

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The Ukrainian army continues to heroically defend its country.Attacks by the Russian Army every day
despite the further escalation, the Ukrainian army is successfully repelling the attacks.Soldier on day by day
a claim had been put forward for Russia, which continued to lose.There was a news report that proved this claim.
It was proved that the Russian army hired mercenaries from a company called Wagner.These mercenaries called bait soldiers
soldiers were also seen on the battlefield.Not only Russia, but also crime rates such as Brazil and Mexico
it was reported that he was in contact with criminals in countries where he was in excess.Why do you think Russia can’t find soldiers?
How do you think mercenaries will affect the war? Please indicate your thoughts in the comments.


Glenn Quagmire says:

Hiring soldiers is one thing paying them when they are killed is another lol

CSZulu says:

Wagner is owned by putin. It is a way for him to make money, and have a private army.

Eddie Laster says:

this is B.S. propaganda.

Marcel gombault says:

This is not breaking news videos its all fake news for money. Stop supporting this

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joel halasan says:

slava ukraine

Andy Minter says:

They won't. Just a few more targets for ukraine. I am not a bible Thumper , but God has his hand on ukraine. They won't lose. Putang is the devil in the flesh.

Fatah Sediqui says:

thus is completely false.????

Kentucky Trapper says:

You guy's are behind time, the Wagner group has been fighting in Ukraine from the beginning. It won't save Russia, Ukraine is fighting for family and freedom that can't be beaten..glory to Ukraine…

Pinata Juju says:

What a joke…Russia the supposedly world power cannot even supply its own forces with soldiers and has yo use outside help.

Stephan Sundkvist says:

No one can fight against the will of God.

Jan Kowalski says:

Putin nazi…

Peter Nicho says:

Is Russia saying wagnerm and Korea are better than russian soldiers.

John says:

If you speak spanish and your being given instructions in russian that might work.

Peter Lukes says:

Putin will have to offer mercenaries rocks for payment.

Megan Springsted says:

They have a paper army , and I hope Texas Instruments never sells them chips anymore for their weaponry

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