FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago home

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Former President Donald Trump said Monday that his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, was “raided” by the FBI. Two sources confirmed to CBS News that it was related to missing presidential documents. CBS News national affairs and justice correspondent Jeff Pegues, CBS News congressional correspondents Scott MacFarlane and Nikole Killion, and CBS News political contributor Zeke Miller join CBS News’ Lana Zak with the breaking news.

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conor mac nessa says:

Msm speaking in tongues

Bernard Timmer says:

Brilliant, about f…n time, he's one the biggest criminals in US history. He's been treated with kidgloves all the way, time that was over as well…

lawrence king says:


Wok Alot says:

Searching for docs that will incriminate themselves?

Wok Alot says:

Another Russian dossier?

Lisandro Esterga says:

Clearly Maralago is not a residence, it's a criminal hotspot. Lot of crimes have been committed there. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

DeniseK says:

Demicrats will demean themselves out f fear by breaking the law. It’s interesting how Hunter Biden hasn’t been arrested of investigated by the FBI for hs ties with the CCP, and his dear old dad was involved, also. Would love to watch a Dem with a warrant to search his/her house to follow the money. But that will never happen. They protect their own, even if they’re traitors to this country. Come to think of it, the Clintons have avoided prison for over 30 years. Think that would happen to you, my fellow American, if you stole a Twinky from a convenience store?

Jayy Forrest says:

So it's not a raid? Which is it? This report for the commonsense person doesn't make sense, However to the dummies they think it's a win! 4yrs and 8mos nothing! And I'm not an Trump supporter..

Little Wolf Spirit says:

Do you really think that were Donald Trump to take documents out of the Whitehouse that he would be so that stupid as to take them to his home in Flrida? Seriouly?
How dumb are you then? Mr. Trump is anything but "Stupid". The FBI are not above planting things and also adept at lie in to the public about about a lot of things. Believe what you want, because you will, because you like to think you stand for something great. But you dont! You all stand for nothing but "Hate". When you find yourselves sitting without work, no food, and no real laws to save you from people who will take your homes and no government that will bother to help you then you think about how they swooped into the Whitehouse and immediately took everything that Trump did for you and unsigned it so you will have no rights at all, except to abort babies and watch lawlessness destroy your lives, your town and your Country. I can tell you this, he is the only president that gives a damp about you since they murdered JFK.

Humperdoo Saves says:

Go get him finally…..

Fergit_ says:

are you really so desperate to not tell the truth you'll spend your time debating the meaning of the word "raid".

Mike Crone says:

The doj the White House and all that's involved are nothing but luciferian Democrat Satan worshiping criminals for vengeance is his saith the Lord

Diamond Renee says:

Ughhhh ughhh ughhh

romy kom says:

Unprecended event because of unprecedented president , a criminal , a grifter and a conman.

swa peeters says:

Those were just tourists.

Anjuli Kamins says:

I'm gonna laugh if they find his tax paperwork

Robert Pryor says:

It was unprecedented that He stole Documents… Say that… Hypocrites

Fred Mngadi says:

Trump is crap, always has been. He has damaged the American democracy severely.

Robert Pryor says:

Stop crying about criminal Donald Trump

Ras Jahson says:

They better search the location in New York and Bedminster.

******** Any fool who disagree with my comments and feel the need to show your ignorance to the world by posting against my comment, have at it. You will have a conversation with yourself due me not receiving any notifications of any comments. My settings won’t allow me to see your ignorant comments. You will have an uneducated conversation with yourself like the delusional fool you are.**********

Fred Mngadi says:

If there was no electoral college Trump would not have been president!

Daniel Liljeberg says:

Trumps own handling of documents leads to investigations into his handling of documents and he tries to blame others and paint himself as a victim… again. Imagine if this was a democratic president, Fox pundits would go crazy. Like they did with Hillary using private devices for work emails. Then Trump and others in his circle did the same thing… silence. Trump allegedly misshandled documents… silence. Proves that is not the actions themselve that Fox actually cares about but obly the opportunity to use any given action to attack people who they percive as being on "the other side". That is the definition of double standard and lack of morals.

mustafa1name says:

Let's be honest, the documents are not just "missing", they are stolen. The National Archive tried for months to recover 15 boxes from the thief who illegally removed them from the White House. It is now clear that he stole even more than that.

K, U aren’t a KILLA says:

Boy these women really stretched this coverage out. This should’ve been a 5 minute story tops

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