A Journey to Our Nearest Stars

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The universe is full of all kinds of stars – from tiny red dwarves to majestic blue giants. Some of them dimly twinkle for billions of years while others burn up almost instantly by space standards.

Today we are travelling to some of the most exciting ones, with every new star we come across further and further away from our home planet. This journey of thousands of light years will start near our closest star – the Sun. Together with the Parker probe we will brush its scorching corona and take a peek in its fiery depths. After that we will leave our home system to go around Alpha Centauri and check out some exoplanets located closest to the Earth.

0:00 Intro
01:48 Sun
13:03 Alpha Centauri
23:55 Nearest Stars
40:01 Betelgeuse
52:08 CW Leonis
01:02:10 WR102
01:13:35 Ending

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Kosmo says:

Hello, everyone! Enjoy the viewing!

Finn says:


Bean Nathrach says:

Univerities in Texas, Yeah, no wonder your videos can't be downloaded.

IDee says:

3:43 infucked? Pardon?

Stone Object says:

very cool graphics cant wait till i get my big screen tv hooked up

Leandro Hartmann says:

Awesome content and production! My favorite channel in YouTube! Keep with great work!

D Rock says:

Interstellar flight…please stop already

bibia666 says:

greetings bibia

Iceguide says:

an interesting concept – old stars dissolve in a (super)nova and gravity squeezes everything back together and new stars and planets are born, like Recycling…

Demon Cloud says:

This is good for sleeping, better than sleeping pills


Shouldn't beetlegeuse be dead by the time you get to it because the we are seeing it from here how it used to look based on how long it took the light to travel here

Robert Bowen says:

To me, it is scary both that we are alone in the universe,,,,,or NOT! Think about it, there are aliens out there, or we are completely alone.

Robert Bowen says:

I grew up with science fiction, in the 1960s. I saw the name of Betelgeuse many times, but sadly, with the rarity of people who are interested, never heard it pronounced. So.. it's really beetle juice? I imagined bettel goose!

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