Russia, Ukraine plays blame game over Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant attack | Latest World News | WION

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There seems no end to relentless Russian shelling in Ukraine and in amid renewed pounding from Moscow, Kyiv claims that the shelling at Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant damaged 3 radiation sensors.

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Fact Talks says:

It was Zelenskyy who instigated and waged an unnecessary and disastrous war in Europe with the advice and support of the US and the UK.

Indeed, Zelenskyy's army is indiscriminately attacking not only the Russian military, but also its citizens, soldiers, the nuclear plant, schools, and hospitals in eastern and southern Ukraine with HIMARS by the US.

There is a lot of evidence for war crimes against Zelenskyy.

He should be held responsible for the entire loss, destruction, and disasters.

Gags Double J says:

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Oicu812 says:

Both these idiots need to tighten up

ramesh jetti says:

Russia is never a nuclear terror nation till to-date.

Fivestar811 says:

So many ignorant evil people in the comments supporting this brutal invasion.

Naveen 9 says:

According to 2016 Ocha report details of incidents from 2015 to 2016 where Azov had embedded their weapons and forces in used civilian buildings and displaced residents after looting civilians properties.
The report accused them of raping and torturing detainees in Donbas region.

Obscure Gaming/Art says:

Ukraine has lied through all of this I hope people wake up and see it's the Ukrainian government that is at fault.

Fred Potgieter says:

American government fault stop them Americans people

Naveen 9 says:

2016, fb designated azov as dangerous organization

David Canatella says:

That bombing is the U.S. nazi puppets

vLadimir L says:

Zelensky is losing an now ordered targeting nuclear plant. He dont care, he have place in US.

Mikael S600 says:

Wiom failed to mention Russia controls the plant. I can almost understand why western reporters in Ukraine won't report on the crimes Ukrainians commit because although they won't say it out loud,they know Ukraine is really a fascist state and put out kill list on individual that oppose their rule and narratives. Either that or these reporters will be kicked out of Ukraine and lose this particular presentation piece in terms of boots on the ground.

Kb123 B123 says:

What is this now – Russians shelling their own troops?

Russia has controlled that plant since March.

Why would Russia fire on their own troops? Nonsense. Zelensky is a diva.

mnemeth says:

when will you understand that kiev post maidan state coup is applying goebbels doctrine, and it's not even a secret as some leaders of maidan were even proud to say in public and media from where was coming their inspiration

raheem allen says:

Brothers and sisters ALL these calamities will lead to A Sunday law which will be the Mark of the Beast, Those that keep Gods seventh day sabbath will be prohibited from buying and selling a persecuted, Repent Jesus is coming Soon.

Nikola Mijailovic says:

So Nuclear plant is under Russian control since star of war, and they are bombing their own people there? Am I missing something or bullsh!t is going trough the roof

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Feldwebel Wolfenstool says:

..damaged 3…big deal. I heard a bookcase was knocked over too…

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