China Sends More Ships, Planes Closer to Taiwan

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China’s military announced a new exercise “near Taiwan” on Monday, signaling that Beijing wanted to keep up pressure on the island past a series of drills announced immediately after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit. Bloomberg’s Joe Mathieu has the latest on “Bloomberg The Open.”


William Shaw says:

Thanks Nancy Pelosi. When the war start Americans are going to be shocked at how powerful China is. Remember we have ships in THIER waters, not the other way around.

And Taiwan IS apart of China.

Hong Zhu says:

USA relationship with Philipines is founded on friendship? hahhahahahahaahhahahah

Rudy B says:

The lizards are on the move

Abel Jimenez says:

China is like a barking dog loves to bark but won't bite

Raul Anaya says:

Same thing they said about Ukraine. Taiwan. It was nice knowing ya.

Tom Henry says:

And biden called trump a warmonger

Greetings Earthlings! Pluto says:

HE just said your sol if you think the us will help you when China attacks you.

ValorZ says:

Ahh, so we will allow China to build its forces in the Pacific while we talk about how important "DA CULCHA" is going to be in "DA FOOCHUR"…
USA will sit back and insult China from its call of duty gamer chair as illegals rips its country apart and China don't care… Bold move, Cotton…
Lets go you Liberal Arts dropouts, join the army. Bring your boyfriend you'll need him… Good luck?

goprocbr says:

"I'm not worried, but I am concerned. End of quote… repeat the line…." – Biden

Eliakim ben Ishchayil says:

The US should stay out of it

Greetings Earthlings! Pluto says:

Thank you Ms. Pelosi!

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