U.S. Facing Summer Covid-19 Surge

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Following President Biden’s positive Covid-19 test, many health officials are sounding alarms from coast to coast regarding another summer surge. The U.S. this week passed 90 million reported Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began. In the last two weeks cases are up about 16 percent and deaths are up 28 percent. Many school districts are focusing on “back to school” and some are now resurrecting or reconsidering mask mandates.
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Jane Marcus says:

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Alex Fisher says:


Susann Drake says:

I will never take the mark

Dillon Wood says:

Here we go again with summer surge again joe Biden have tested positive to Covid a week ago now he’s feeling better and back in section however the highest cases was caused by the BA5 omicron subvariant also we have tools to fight against Covid because it’s not going away I can’t be like this forever and nobody is ever going to be like this anymore because we need to still fight this

Abnorm says:


dave christopher says:

I just hope the variant stays away from our schools and churches. Hopefully it will wean more towards the oval office.

LGKids says:

What did people think was going to happen they chose money over health! Smh!

mytwocents says:

What is really spreading it is that people who test positive are not quarantining. Two people in my senior apartment building have tested positive in the last two weeks and refused to mask or quarantine. How can people be so inconsiderate?

tUrd_iMMunity says:

If I were a Vaxxer, I'd be far more concerned with what is happening to countless other Vaxxers.

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