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Is research in medical school a brilliant way for medical students to explore a deeper insight into pathology and systemic issues within healthcare…or is it just becoming another addition to the long check-list for applying to residency. In this vlog, I wanted to discuss the truth about research in medical school, from medical students, and the dangerous trends I am, as well as many residency program directors, have observed that walks away from the original purpose of academic literature. At the end of the day, it’s ok if you’re a medical student and don’t enjoy research, it’s not for everyone. But there are ways to make it a little more enjoyable.

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ND MD says:

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare:

What's your experience in academic research? A joyful experience or a necessary evil?

Devanie Calhoun says:

How do you become an ND and MD?

LYN says:

wow thanks for not talking bs, this hits true to home

sebastian cuello says:

Hate how step 1 is now pass/fail. What happened to meritocracy? Now matching into residency will be more subjective rather than deserved.

Aaron says:

I got away with doing ZERO research in undergrad and still getting into med school. I want to be a doctor not a researcher, otherwise I would have pursued a different career obviously. But, doing things you don't want to in order to eventually get what you want is not unique to medicine. Had to do it to get into college, to get into med school, and now residency. At least we know the rules, now it's time to play the game!

Sue Reepmeyer says:

You have no idea how relatable this video is!!!

Danielle Ouellette says:

Thanks for being so honest. This was extremely enlightening. Keep doing you!

shashank singh says:

Thankyou so much for a well needed vedio i too love and fear the name research

David Lakhter says:

16:05 – for sure ,stick to your passions

David Lakhter says:

8:15 same – that's how the whole admissions process fells like

David Lakhter says:

4:30 agreed! it sucks that nice feedback doesn't do anything and AI is set to pick up on keywords – basically content over context, but in interviews, it's the opposite. so it makes no sense. it ends up being kind of like a resume checklist when it shouldn't be bc a person is giving feedback, so the more personable it is, the better?!

Noah Brown says:

100% agree with you! Very well said. I'm not super interested in research (did some in undergrad but didn't fall in love with it) but I feel like it's going to be necessary to do to match into a decent residency.

AJ says:

hey can you please tell me are u done with step 1, please make a few vides about step 1

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