Hospital in northern Italy expands ground for coronavirus patients | ABC News

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A hospital in northern Italy expanded its ground to keep patients separate from people with coronavirus who were being treated inside. Medical workers in protective face masks prepared medical checkpoints and set up tents to host regular patients.

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L. R. says:

To those who don't know: This wasn't a real choice.
More or less they were forced to do this because of hospitals literally overflowing with patients.
That and hospitals still under construction.
In a nutshell, they were forced to treat patients outside

AboutMy FathersBusiness says:

Where do I sign up to be a crisis actor?

andrew says:

All very quiet chilled out here

Go Fake Yourself says:

Open beds,shared rooms,doctors and nurses not wearing hazmat suits with respirators,not having a clean room…Gloves,masks and surgical gowns are not going to stop the spread of an airborne disease.

Under Grace says:

Where are the patients?

Reggie Watkins says:

I am Korean. All media that compliment the Korean government are fake news. The Korean government has not banned Chinese entry and has not secured a mask. For viruses that don't have a cure or vaccine, other means are meaningless. Since the outbreak, 30,000 Chinese have entered Korea every day. In January and February, 700 million masks were exported from Korea to China. The Korean government abandoned its own people for China. Nevertheless, the media that compliment the Korean government for its many confirmed cases must have been bribed by China. The impeachment petition of the Moon Jae-in government has now exceeded 1.4 million, and a large Chinese commentary unit has been found commendating the Moon Jae-in government. Your ridiculous praise for the South Korean government is the weapon of the Chinese commentary unit.

Carrie Steel says:

Those beds / cots can't be comfortable. Looks like China's camps are better, because they have real beds, not just flmsy cots. China even took over universities' dorms for the use of quarantinie. College students there didn't even have time to move out, the gov't just moved fast and evicted all their belongings in no time.

David Rodney says:

Sick workers work sick. Sick employees cannot afford to lose their jobs. Need Coronavirus moratorium on termination for sick time.

John Mateus says:

If facemasks don't work….why is everyone here wearing one….

Hootaro Setagaya says:

Mask and toilet paper have already disappeared. What comes next ? Preserved food. I guess. I couldn’t find many at a super market I frequent.
From Tokyo.

Vittorio Romani says:

The difference between Italy and other western countries?

Italy calls coronavirus by its name, makes thousands of tests and hides nothing.

Other countries made 1/10 of the tests made in Italy, they tend not to talk about it

and they call it "flu".

So in Germany there are 13.000 cases of hospitalization with 130 deaths caused by "flu".

It's marketing; change name and you change reality.

So that Italy, because of honesty, is now considered the leper hospital of the western world

while other countries are beautiful heavens of health safety(and try to take advantage of the situation for what concerns commerce and tourism).

But that will be clear on the long run.

John Zabik says:

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eat shit says:

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No one believes us because we are young
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French Vanilla says:

The healthcare workers still look so exposed. They need the same Gear China is using. This is how so many doctors and nurses became ill so fast they didn't realize how contagious it was.
By the way did they test Pope Francis for Covid19?

Ps¥cho says:

You guys are still not ready

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