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Today AD is welcomed to Palm Beach, Florida by Dee & Tommy Hilfiger for a tour of their lakefront, Mediterranean-style home. A spacious 5,000 square feet, the property is resplendent with verdant gardens and white columns soaring towards arched ceilings. Built in 2006, the Hilfigers were immediately drawn to the indoor-outdoor architecture of their new home, which, modeled after many of Palm Beach’s older estates, features an interior courtyard. The couple turned to AD100 designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to achieve their goal of infusing that open and bright feel throughout the interior, as well. “The house has a wonderful soul.” says Bullard. “We just had to take away the formality and make it feel a bit younger, sexier, looser.”

See more of Tommy and Dee’s Palm Beach pad here:

Director: Mike Mytnick
Director of Photography: Tom Brunstetter
Editor: Tristen Rogers
Producers: Chase Lewis, Alyssa Marino
Production Manager: Melissa Herber
Production Coordinator: Julie Suronen
Camera Operator: David Geores
Audio: Robert Shaw
Production Assistant: Kyle Brunstetter
Post Production Supervisor: Nicholas Ascanio
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Assistant Editor: JC Scruggs
Colorist: Oliver Eid

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Zohar Elyada says:

Don't know… it kind of bored me..

Diana de Alencar says:

So beautiful architecture… the arches, whites and cream colors are stunning!! And of course, an extravagant fabulous interior design!!! The only think wrong there as the message, “Trust in the universe’ . Pleaseas

Arlette Rosa says:

The old man and his daughter have a great house…sorry he have only few years on him…but the daughter can enjoy for a long time

Brendan Bang says:

Just gorgeous… detail obsessed indeed! Very live in understated luxury.

Pamela Hudson says:

Absolutely Gorgeous. I love everything .

Peyton Dobbins says:

just cause you have to explain your decor does not mean it looks good, everything there was beautiful but none of it looked good together in that house.

zanthus7 says:

Love the vibe of this house and they're right about living near water, it is a very relaxing lifestyle. You just automatically slow down and relax looking at the water and listening to the sounds. Very good for your blood pressure 🙂 I'm also glad they chose a home that makes you feel like you can walk around in your bare feet versus a home that feels like a museum where you're afraid to touch anything and if you're not in a sport coat and wingtips, you're inappropriate for the house. Way to go Tommy and Dee!!!!

Amnesi Antoinette says:

I feel the same exact way. I prefer surfing (in my imagination) or sailing to diving or swimming. But I truly do love the water.

Annamaria Bonanno says:

The wife keeps saying "mine, mine" or " I like" the husbands adds " we like"

Teacher Eric BM says:

So grandeur and I love the belt of Tommy, it's so Tommy Hilfiger! Wish I could afford his collections.

Ken Hunt says:

Why is this still a thing?

Blake GT. says:

Ok, not great, confusing sometimes, like if it was a mix between Tommy's ideas, his wife, their interior designer so you like this strange mix…

April in Alabama says:

Love the unique ceilings and columns and fireplace

Art Perez says:

Everything about this home is stunning!!

Nancy Nguyen says:

Beautiful home

Brazos River says:

Beautiful home, and I love the coral stone.

ivonne espinosa cova says:

Rich people and accesibles

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