Drawmula 1: F1 Drivers Design T-Shirts!

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We know their skills behind the wheels, but how did our drivers get on when we asked them to design a T-Shirt? Take a look, and let us know your favourite…

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Number44 says:

Noooo where is Lewis drawing !!! He is so drop and imaginativ he could product a masterpiece !?

Sylmaron Mars says:

Charles shouldn't have taken the hard pencil.

ReDHeaDSg1 says:

And where is Hamilton ? Why Hamilton doesn't participate in this fun small events ?

ja ahm says:

fernando has literally 0 (zero) sense of humor , bitter vet

Jordy de reus says:

All right handed??

Gavin Wavy says:

I would buy Alonso’s El Plan shirt

H C says:

I love yuki's design, can be sold in uniqlo. Of course with Zhou, the 速 means fast, speed.

Thomas Wesang says:

that was funny!

bashar almustafa says:

1:22 Alonso pretty much sums it up

Janie Weyers says:

Gasley, Russell and Sinodo. Mick's drawing skills aren't horrible.

Troy Lewis says:

pathetic! except Tsunoda

Aaldert Stouwe says:

Aaldert van der Stouwe

Fran Martínez - Periodista deportivo says:

Ocon copiando al nano.

Pranav Dubey says:

Pierre won that STRAIGHT UP


Gasly: I’m pretty bad at drawing.

Draws an amazing design lol

Raphel Carneiro says:

El Plan <3

Nasrul Raimi says:

Can we get Kimi designing a tshirt?

Azz Azz says:

Vettel may not be quitting after all, after talks with m.fia. Proves there's something wrong deep rooted in F1

JDO Racing says:

Lance, if you're reading this: I'll wear that ADL. We Canucks are united in our love for maple syrup!

Fernan-T says:

Yuki’s one is the best

rocklee2505 says:

Ricciardo is not available for this video?!
It means he is very affected about his situation at McLaren.

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