Analysing Verstappen's Victory | Jolyon Palmer's F1 TV Analysis | 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Former F1 driver Jolyon Palmer takes us through Max Verstappen’s impressive victory from P10 on the grid.

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Existhor says:

He should stay on reporting stuff.

Albertus Drost says:

Can we say Max was actualy lucky with the sc*** up first attempt in Q3?

Adam says:

It was Verstappens own idea to start on softs.

Freddy says:

"Where is Palmer?"

Justin Wong says:

Max pit at lap17, after that from 9.4s chased down to 1.5s in two laps, Ham before pit was 1.2s in front of Max, but after pit stop he was behind Max 8s!!
At the next pit stop, Rus was heading Max 2.1s, but after pit stop Rus was behind Max 2s!!
Moreover, after 360spin, Max was behind Ham 14.8s, but before Ham going to pit stop at lap 52, Max has cut down the chase to 2s!!!
# Luckily we have Checo at besides when 360spin to restrain Rus to overtake

Jose Luis Ruiz says:

Calling what Ferrari did at Hungary “strategy” seems quite euphemistic.

Angry Doggy says:

Max is definitely moving towards being a mature driver. No bonkers moves this year. Having a superior, well balanced car is truly helping him out.

Ryan Rodricks says:

The best part after watching the race is this detailed analysis by an ex-F1 driver who knows exactly what's been done and how. Absolutely spot-on with detailed charts, insider information and camera views.
It's like reliving the whole Race all over again.

Thanks Jolson Palmer and F1 for this! Its Brilliant!

Graham Henckel says:

It was also pretty apparent how much George's Mercedes out-powered Max's Red Bull on the final pit stop outlap – those are some mega acceleration curves pushing George forward, despite his substantial deficit to Max that particular lap overlay.

Daniel Davila says:

Second place, is always the first loser.

68stonecold says:

For us the fact us pretty clear, 'without Max crashing, burning, maybe dying(hypothetically) in the next 10-15 years, Leclerc's debut championship possibilities look slim for most part '…

Mura says:

I think it's high time for Max to have his car number change to 360 instead of 1.

Shrimping Business says:

i think it's official that max is the new hamilton (dominance era)

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