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We gave interior designers Noz Nozawa, Darren Jett, and Joy Moyler a photo of the same undecorated loft in New York – then asked each of them to create a design for it in their particular style, however they pleased. From the windows to the floors, the lighting fixtures to the furniture – three artists, one canvas, each bringing something different to space. Watch and see which designer checks the most boxes on your luxury loft wishlist.

Director: Lisa Romagnoli
Director of Photography: Charlie Jordan
Editor(s): Estan Esparza
Talent: Darren Jett, Joy Moyler, Noz Nozawa
Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Producer: Joel David Ahumada, Zara Meerza
Associate Producer: Josh Crowe
Production Manager: Melissa Heber
Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila, Julie Suronen
Camera Operator: Jack Belisle
Gaffer: Gautam Kadian
Audio: Gabe Quiroga
Production Assistant: Mark Sweeney
Art Director: Taylor Horne
Post Production Supervisor: Nick Ascanio, Alexa Deutsch
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Assistant Editor: Diego Rentsch
Graphics Supervisor: Ryan Powell
Graphics, Animation, VFX: Sam Fuller
Special Thanks: Reeba Mehdi

Renders provided by Spacejoy, a design-led commerce platform powered by interactive 3D technology. Spacejoy pairs customers with expert designers to create a stunning home featuring handpicked products from top brands that you can shop instantly. https://www.spacejoy.com/

Featured Artwork:
Richard Caplan Photography https://www.richcaplan.com/
Seth Caplan Photography https://seth-caplan.com/
Nick Carter/Verasson Creative http://www.verasson.com
Olivia Cognet https://www.oliviacognet.com/
David Patterson Photography https://davidpattersonphotography.com/
Colin Price Photography https://colinprice.photography/
Christopher Stark Photography https://www.christopherstark.com/

0:00 Introduction
0:59 Kitchen
2:48 Floors
3:31 Walls
4:57 Living Room
8:51 Dining Area
11:55 Lighting
14:25 Art & Decor
15:27 Windows
16:34 Final Thoughts

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Renee Bee says:

So amazing! I really enjoyed the differences.

Connor Barkington says:

I think I would live in the bubbly one, but I'd like to visit all of them. Also I love how they were all inspired by and supportive of eachother, and all had completely different visions.

Gabs AM says:

I loveeee this video, and the drapes got me!! such a beautiful way to handle the light coming in.

jack :D says:

when noz made the windows STAINED GLASS i literally GASPED its beyonddd stunning

Asmr_nature lover says:

I honestly don’t like any of them…weird, strange, unfitting in the amazing space. Art is in the eye of the beholder for sure…much respect to all 3 artists though

v a l x r i a says:

The art in Joy's design really made it, it was the final piece that room needed and it turned out beautiful.

Lulu says:

That guy's looked like a restaurant or old disco. Girl, what's up with those crayon colored windows? Ugh.

kheath580 says:

darrens is so awful

Manuel Medina says:

more like this please?

April Vang says:

Love this! It’s so interesting to see each designers ideas and thought process. Please make this a regular series!

Kacey P says:

I love how different each design is. I like all of them, but you can kinda tell which types of spces and clients they usually work for. Darren would have a hard time designing without a huuuuge budget, and it just feels so expensive as a whole. Someone looking for their home to be an art piece for guests to admire. Joy defnitely designs a lot for businesses and professional environments that are safe and appreciated by ost everyone that passes through. Noz, definitely my favourite, is one who I can't pinpoint as easily. It feels so…bouba, I love it. The organic shapes are so fun and comforting.

13FallenAngela says:

This is one of my favorite episodes of this series. Great job to the designers. I especially loved the commentary at the end.

Saint says:

I want Darren to design my sims house with me

Hayden Spence says:

What did I just watch. I swear Darren is playing a prank. Joy's is the only design that feels grounded and livable but it is boring. Lastly Noz's design was beige but good until she changed the windows, which in my opinion ruins the view. I would like this to become a series to see more Interior Designers visions.

Vibrata says:

@Nick Lewis ! Omg, help these people

Maggie Noffke says:

I need more information about the tinted panels; do they block the view with direct sun only? I do like how they color the room but would like to keep the view.

Millie Jefford-Waugh says:

in love with noz's apartment

Miguel Pintado Stanford says:

All three of these spaces are impractical because for one thing those seats on the floor that the guy did are not practical for everybody because if somebody weighs 300 lb it's going to be very hard to get them off that scene. Plus the closed in kitchen does not make any sense when you have such a beautiful view. The black lady has too many chairs it's too busy in there and too many squares big seats that's too much and then the other girl for one thing has those carpets on the floor with holes in them and that's going to be a safety hazard because people are going to trip on that they're going to get their feet stuck in there and the artwork stinks on the wall it looks like a blob at least like this on here so I think they all stink… What is it with designers sometimes they don't think about what's practical. I built a house once that had a rooftop terrace and the architect mind to insist on having drains running from the rooftop terrace all the way down into the plumbing of the house and out to the plumbing and I want it openings on the side of the wall for water to drain out because they were huge trees on top of the roof it up was going to have clogging of the drain pipes and he was so stuck on aesthetics that he did not understand my logic the trees did not belong to me so I could not cut them down. And that was a battle. So architects and designers are not always practical and I think that practicality and beauty is what makes for good design

Stan Lee says:

Noz sounds so intelligent and I loved her colorless colorful design of the space

vee says:

what is this man doin . . .

Clare Driscoll says:

Noz's floating kitchen island seems to lack plumbing for the sink.

what says:

Jesse lets cook

Maddi Slaney says:

Darren knew he did something

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