Stagflation May Overwhelm the Global Economy

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While talk of a US recession has dominated markets, the more concerning question could be stagflation – when an economy experiences a period of high inflation with simultaneously stagnant growth. And, significantly, the symptoms are appearing not just in the US but throughout the global economy. Here’s everything you need to know about the prospects for stagflation. Presented by @CME Group:

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Reetesh Pd. Acharya says:

GDP When Shrinks on 2 or 3 Quarter Straight it was Scripted as Recession or Almost Recession on Old Scriptures of Economic Stipulations Then when World Population was not even 1/4th of Today , Very Few Corporations were There and Everything Simply was so Cheap.

Standard Deviationarily There can Never be any Total Inflation Above 11.73% in Any Territory of Current Ancient Economic Set up’s.

Rough Data : In USA, 30% are Struggling with Toughest Cost of Living Crisis , 10% are Now Under Poverty , 5% + Have Started Starving, 12% Americans Have No Mode of Earnings , Many are Excluded From Proper Health Care Facilities , 28 – 34% are Richly Alive and Remain untouched with any of These Economic Concepts- Inflation/Deflation/Stagflation/Recession/Depression. At These Market Conditions on Ancient Current Setup’s, Whole Nation cannot Ever be on Total Inflation / Deflation / Stagflation/ Recession / Depression.

Of Interest / of Expending – Investing Habits/ of Individual Purchasing Power Hierarchy and of Many other Factors This Current Economic Era after Covid could be Distinguished as “Gargantuanation” : An Economic Period to 90% + World – Where This is Inflation , Deflation , Recession , Depression , Stagflation Individual to Individual Dire on Dire.

Oh hh Mangoes got Thrice The Money than last year , You only Purchased Half a kg – It’s Inflation to You. You Are About to Join The Line to Sell any of Your Fixed Assets going Broke ,It’s Deflation To You. Ohhh You There in Stockholm cannot afford to Send Your Kid to Music School of Money – it’s Recession For You. People who are Brushing Once in Few Days , @ One Time Meal , Going veg , Hunger / Starvation & Homelessness, This is Depression. Oh You Changed Your Plans like To Purchase Small Domestic Airplane in Panhandle, Florida with B3e Helicopter , This My Friend it is Stagflation.

Things Should be Settled by 268’ First in Power @ Sore.

I Put My This YT Slide “Tools For Better Economy & Livelihood” Forward. Thanks.

T B says:

Wow Brandon caused the entire world to head into stagflation!

R. Minnis says:

after a 20% push up leftist media wants u to panic sell again wow the panic articles are multiplying daily

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