CBS News' Nancy Cordes details Pelosi's visit to Taiwan

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Tensions are rising with China as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan’s capital of Taipei. CBS News chief White House correspondent, Nancy Cordes has more on her visit. Then David Sacks, a research fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, joins anchor Lana Zak to discuss the impact of Pelosi’s trip.

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Larry Jensen says:

CBS reporting on Pelosi? What a f'n joke. Do you really think it would be accurate? China where is that missile meant for Pelosi? She flipped the "finger" at you all…

Vincent Lim says:

If ever there will be an attack by China, it was all because of the provocation by Pelosi. It was a "provoked attack." The US will come only to the defense of Taiwan, it it was an "unprovoked attack"

张龙飞 says:

TW will pay heavy prices, we'll see

njt452fmsupertuner says:

It’s just political theater, communists in China and Democrats in America are two sides of the same coin..

Maria Luisa says:

Yes she is provoking Chinese , pretty crazy

03bonneville says:

The drunkard was probably checking up on some of the family investments.

the department of space force says:

Why would you go at a time like this? Like my goodness

Oblivion says:

Anything to make a buck huh Alex? You make your living off of acusing others of lying when in fact you are the biggest liar in the room if Trump is not present! The worm, Alex Jones, is churning inside his "MAGOT HAT"! He sounds exactly like Old-Tub-Of-Guts-Trump! They all spew the same meesage like reading a script from a bad movie! We can only hope that his children aren't trapped in a room being run down and slaughtered by a Trumpvert with an AR-15 and a thousand rounds of high velocity ammo! Where is the soul and heart in these conspiracy MAGOT'S? OMG



Halechi Mavoungou says:

Nancy est l'envoyée d'un bloc en perte de vitesse, et évidemment ce bloc n'a plus rien à perdre après avoir tout perdu. Si ce bloc était aussi à fond dans la démocratie, nous aurions depuis longtemps des élections démocratiques en Arabie saoudite et au Qatar !!!

Ana cristina Palafox leal says:

The real trip to TW US want to teach Xi Jinping a lesson to shut up with a dirty mouth

Jim Ning says:

Thanks for Pelosi to lead a delegation to visit Taiwan. This is the right thing the US should do long overdue. During this ebb, indeed, the US is still dressed appropriately, while the CCP, I think, is wearing a Japanese-style thong this time.

SurvivingBiden says:

This administration is poking all the major nuclear powers increasing our chances of being hit ….killing millions of Americans.

Arturo Villalobos says:

Nancy Pelosi wants to show support for Taiwan. Freedom is not free.

Christopher Kidd says:

Wow China is weak. #ChinasAllTalk

existncDOTcom says:

^^^^^^ Increase Your Satisfaction … by Understanding Your Existence … EXISTNC

HuaHua1004 says:

(China threatening to invade Taiwan)
Western countries: The tension is high and we must take this seriously so there won't be a WWIII.
We Taiwanese people: Yeah, sure, whatever (get back to work

Question Pak says:

We already got a revenge for 9/11 we didn't need to continue pursuing Al-Qaeda convincing them to launch another terrorist attack because Joe Biden wants to feel like a good president without being one

Alan zhang says:

1. Pelosi will visit Taiwan, but her plane will not be shot down, and she will return safely to the United States
2. Pelosi and related responsible person and family business will be subject to the full range of sanctions from mainland China, and she will be in Taiwan during the interference of Chinese warplanes, but not to let her plane crash and death. To scare at best:
3. During her visit to Taiwan. Taiwan itself is vulnerable to cyber attacks from China. Network in Taiwan. The power grid and traffic will be intermittently abnormal. There will be regional outages and individual disturbances. Mainland warplanes have a 30 percent chance of flying over the island of Taiwan;
4. The Chinese side will dispatch two aircraft carrier battle groups to conduct live-fire exercises in the waters of the Taiwan Strait surrounding Taiwan. And this distance will break the previous warning line of the taiwan military. It will narrow the circle even further, especially once Pelosi is gone. The military encirclement will continue to shrink. The degree to which the encirclement can be reduced may be within three to five days. It is also possible that in the next three to five years, the pace of progress will depend entirely on the reaction of the opponents and the changes in the international relations . In short, they will continue to use force to suppress them until they force the Taiwan army to surrender or start the first round.
5, during Pelosi's landline flight from the island of Taiwan. Mainland fighters have a 60% chance of flying over Taiwan's airspace;
6.After Pelosi left Taiwan entirely. There is a 90 percent probability that China will send warplanes over Taiwan's airspace, if Taiwan troops dare to open fire. Dare to play the first round. Then the mainland will directly carry out the military action of wu tong. If the Taiwanese had not opened fire… In the future, the mainland's fighter planes will fly over the island of Taiwan as a normal training, and the frequency will be higher and higher. The altitude will get lower and lower. There will be more fighters. Until the Taiwanese troops surrender or force them to open the first round;
7. the main purpose of the mainland's military action and force suppression is to stir up confusion among public opinion and people on the island. The best way to force demonstrations and struggles within the island is to trigger a coup and mutiny. And then surrender without a fight and peaceful reunification. The middle strategy is to arouse the dissatisfaction of the TW government in the island. Promote united front work on the mainland. Rally people's hearts and minds for peaceful reunification through political means. The last resort is military suppression, which causes the gun to go off. Let the taiwan army start the first round. Then we carry out Operation Wutong Lightning, a wave of precision-guided missiles to destroy Taiwan's radar, airfields, and other shore-based fortifications, and then the J-20 to seize air control, cover the landing of the Marines and airborne parachute drop. Finally, the army sweeps.

Nine Will says:

Bring back Trump

V says:

Russia vs Ukraine, and now China and Taiwan might go to war…

Eric Medeiros says:

There's no way we are going to war with China over this. We should just give China Nancy!

Game TV says:

Good luck china

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