On navy day, Putin says US is Russia's main threat

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President Vladimir Putin on Sunday (July 31) signed a new naval doctrine which cast the United States as Russia’s main rival and set out Russia’s global maritime ambitions for crucial areas such as the Arctic and in the Black Sea. READ MORE: https://str.sg/wagd

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Sonny Jim says:

Long live Russia. Greetings from an Australian not brainwashed by American propaganda.

Augustus Babatunde says:

Putin is a modern napoleon.

Karl Thomas says:

LOL Little Rocket surrounding himself with geriatric military. Russia is so screwed. Putin has to go.

SpaceGerrit says:

O no!


Gold Tau says:

Europe will have a shitty winter.
Russia will have a shitty decade.

Torry Pedersen says:

And Putin is a tread to the whole world

Sean Lander says:

I think that possibly, just maybe, Ukraine is the main threat to Russia, the Americans just don’t seem that interested in a spent world power.

Jesus Casiano says:

Ukraine is just smarter. Same will go to china if the mess with Taiwan.

Terence Ukang says:

What is the purpose of NATO on the first place?.. Russia try to join in.. but denied.. because there won't be any purpose of NATO if Russia is on the league..

Ops Blac says:

Pretty sure it’s everyone’s greatest threat, on par with China.

Luca says:

He is falling right into the USA/ NATO's trap.

Borj Red TV says:

Russian army is the most elite soldier around the world.the courage of military to defend russia is above standard.american soldier is only depending on technology.the courage to fight of russian soldier is a strong wall for russian country.if my country philippines has enough technology and weapons,american soldiers is just a piece of paper when it comes in combat.

peter mannix says:

The Joe Biden Campaign truly was the Crime of the Century in American history.

Run away bride G says:

He is not even there. You can tell by the video.

Lisa Wardell says:

Putin hasn't got anything to worry about if he respects other countries borders

Stephen Threadwell says:

Usa fleet will destroy the USSR's……..uk ..also …..and the Japanese…….and Australia whose is in need of the submarines to get up to scratch even the old battle ship's can be used for the big gun's???? And up dated with radar and Lazar weapons and small aircraft that take off the deck helicopters and hipper sonic cannon, anti misile and submarine warfare torpedo missiles that separate into 36 war heads

Wood View says:

USA threat to World there mindset privating civil society ethics morality arrogance bankrupt

Wilfred Peter says:

Looks like the navy official are not happy…..money should spend on food and housing for Russian citizen….this idiot only thinks about war…such a dumb president

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