Biden signs executive order that protects patients traveling for abortions | full video

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President Biden signed an executive order Wednesday aimed at making it easier to travel to obtain an abortion and enforcing federal non-discrimination laws for those seeking the procedure. “I believe Roe got it right — and it’s been the law for close to 50 years,” Mr. Biden said. “And I commit to the American people that we’re doing everything in our power to safeguard access to health care, including the right to choose women had under Roe v. Wade which was ripped away by this extreme court.”

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ljf3 says:

Yet he’s against people’s right to defend themselves

J A C says:

Joe defends your right to get an abortion just not your right to protect yourself from or prevent a rape or incest

Debbie says:

Go away, take your teleprompter with you, and put someone up there who actually can take questions.. (Or doesn’t shake hands with invisible people after fielding no questions)

Lola Bunny says:

Zeke Miller shouldn't be so negative when the Biden administration is doing what they can to aide the women in this country.

Spring Ranch says:

THANK YOU, MR. PRESIDENT. What a relief to know that a real, live, caring, and sensible person-in-power has OUR interest as PRIORITY #1.

Thank you, Sir. And bless you.

Josue Martinez says:

Amazing!, right after the Supreme Court cancelled Roe v Wade a 10 year old girl couldn't abort, right now Biden has fixed the abortion problems created by the extreme Right judges appointed by trump!

B S says:

What a BS president Biden is…

Patrick McNally says:

Raskin, Porter 2024

Cadillac 79 says:

Well maybe they should fix up these laws for rape victims and high risk pregnancy with life and death situations.

Jean Wagner says:


Brutus Smithers says:


الموسوعةالإسلاميةالميسرةIE says:

I personally present to you on a daily basis topics and questions in Arabic and English on the most beautiful landscapes of nature.

Alexandrea Fletcher says:

lies. the 10 year old little girl only traveled to another state because she was raped by the moms BF. if they would have don't rhe abortion in their state they would have had to press charges against the bf and the mom didn't want that. amazing how much of the stories get left out.

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