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Afro Isme says:

…Sakina, you're the one speaking as if you're concerned, but you will be voting the same people…smiling at people like Bhekii Cele…no day is without crimes…

Carlo Mikhail Reid says:

When the whites ran the things it was much much much more safer and im not white

Noka says:

Fun fact. Illegal foreign nationals won’t go anywhere. Death penalty will never be reinstated. Forget about castration, at best they will get a few years in prison or walk free. As long you keep voting ANC, die poppe sal dans

Bella Monchwe says:

who is this guy interpreter I don't understand his Sign language

Benjamin Malope says:

Government gave foreign national too much freedom to a point that they now feel as if they owning this country. Us South African cannot commit this crimes they committing in their countries and get away with it. Those gangs needs soldiers to deal with them not police. Corruption is too much in police officers.

Sello Motsoeneng says:

Minister do nothing about this

Yaw Kofi says:

But how can you go to someone's country and be doing this? It's a no from Ghana

Chez None says:

Chemical castration doesn’t work. THE REASON WHY IS – that the chemicals need to be administered regularly – who is going to do that, who is going to pay for it? Currently the arrestees are being looked after in jail, clothed fed, and housed. While the people they have terrorised have been wrecked for life. I’m sorry (not) but much harsher penalties need to be sought. What consideration was afforded to the people they have harmed? So the same needs to be afforded to them. DNA will hopefully prove the guilt, then the victims can decide. NOT Malema or other terrorists, but the victims.

Ron M says:

The South African mainstream media is complicit in the matter of delinquent ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

The self righteous media keeps on obfuscating and misreporting on this issue because they are not affected directly in their gated estates.

If this issue was affecting white people negatively the reporting would be a whole lot different.

I cannot wait for the day the upity black middle class's false sense of security is exploited to the full by these kwerekweres.

Wendy Van Blerk says:

Give all male rapists a sex change..then send them to a male prison (general population).

Leo the Great says:

Castration for Rapists

Zodwa Gumede says:

Our media are also to blame for this SA have been complaining about foreigners every day our journalists will label them xenophobic instead they will go and interview foreigners about our problems

Drater Larebil says:

Why do the countries that these people come from not have crime.
DEATH Sentence.

Zithulele Sidwell Ntshudu says:

Review of capital punishment is eminent.

France Langa says:

I fill sorry to be a foreign in South Africa

Thembi Maseko says:

I am expecting Malema to tell us the way forward

Lintigon Playz says:

Talking time is over ……

Siyabonga Koyo says:

Chemical castration is reversible, even physical castration won't work bcz anger of not getting sex anymore would turn these animals into killers, just bring back death sentence. Our justice system must just be sure not to convict people wrongly.

Floppy Floppy says:

minister bheki Cele must resign he doesn't know what his doing. South Africa is a dangerous country because of foreign nationals. They are terrorising the citizens each and every day of their lives. A few weeks back basotho nationals raped and killed a young lady in crown mines tied her up and threw her in water. That was not broadcasted on TV because it was done by foreigners and the government is protecting these foreigners. Minister bheki Cele is talking abou arrest and successes, he doesn't know what his talking about because those illegal immigrants are arrested today and the courts realises them the next day. It doesn't matter how many police can be hired The only solution is to get rid of all these foreigners in our country they must go back to their countries

Reggie Govender says:

Many Questions. No Solutions. Dishonest/Useless/Bought off Investigators. Criminals not afraid of the police/prison. Color of Police/Investigators must change. These criminals don't belong in jails – community treatment

Thembu says:

Lord have mercy

Monica Zungu says:

I support chemical castration. These young ladies will never recover their lives have been destroyed yet some say they're against it.

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