The venomous snakes of Africa – DESERTS, Cape cobra, Red spitting cobra, Puff adder, Carpet viper

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Africa is home to many amazing venomous snakes. This continent has many ecosystems. We will explore deserts, savannas and rainforests of sub-Saharan Africa. This first episode is about venomous snakes living in deserts. Kalahari desert and other dry regions of southwester Africa are home to deadly Cape cobras (Naja nivea). You will see several color morphs, including a stunning yellow cobra. This snake will fight with meerkats! This episode also shows 3 species of dwarf adders, the Horned adder (Bitis caudalis), the Many-horned adder (Bitis cornuta) and the Namaqua dwarf adder (Bitis schneideri). Another small viper from arid regions of Africa is the Northeast African carpet viper (Echis pyramidum). East Africa is also inhabited by the colorful Red spitting cobra (Naja pallida). You will see this cobra spit venom! This episode includes a scene of venom extraction and interview about the snakebite topic. Wait for the end and don’t miss various color morphs of Puff adder (Bitis arietans) and desert Boomslangs (Dispholidus typus).


WildlifeObsessed says:

Interesting enightening & entertaining – well done

aleksander popov says:

the best so far! you guys are getting really good, thank you for your work

Fly _On_The_Wall says:

such a cool vid!

Josan Lim says:

Beautiful snakes.

Francis says:

This has quickly become one of my favourite YouTube channels.

Robert Smith says:

I’m assuming that tree the Boomslang was on is an Acacia. I wonder how they avoid getting stuck with the thorns

Etta victor says:

18:44 Such a beautiful shot.

Debbie Locklin says:

Early in the commercial he said $40.00.

Fabian Schwarz says:

Outstanding documentary.

No overdramatization like in many other channels. Just the beauty of nature and a lot of educational content.
Keep up with your great job.

#i love Bluegrass says:

I wish people would think about the environment before they litter the nature life

Mike Thierry says:

Hey I just watched ,what I assume to be your most recent video on the vipers ,asps and cobras of Africa ? Great job as per usual ,very informative as per usual .keep it up .

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