6 Warning Signs of Colon Cancer

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For more information about colon cancer, please visit https://cle.clinic/32ugyWD

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in people of all genders and the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. It happens when the cells that line the colon become abnormal and grow out of control.

With prompt treatment, though, the outlook is hopeful. Cleveland Clinic experts explain what kind of warning signs could indicate colon cancer and what to ask your doctor when it comes to screenings.

0:00 Intro
0:22 What is colon cancer?
1:00 6 warning signs of colon cancer
2:13 How are patients screen for colon cancer?
2:32 Who is at risk for colon cancer?
3:15 Is colon cancer treatable?

What You Can Do to Catch Colon Cancer Early – https://cle.clinic/3t5aFym
Younger than 45? Here Are Tips to Help You Avoid Colon Cancer – https://cle.clinic/3wvFYob

The information in this video was accurate as of 3.18.2022 and is for information purposes only. Consult your local medical authority or your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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Wow Ghe says:

I’m 23 I have all these symptoms even blood gets on my stool.
What’s the procedure?
I’ve probably been to a doctor 3 times in my whole life I have no idea and I don’t know if I can afford such tests can anyone give me some advice as to how I can get myself tested recently my lower abdominal pain has increased and I’m kinda finding it difficult to lay down…I’m also an Uber driver and my sitting position only worsens my pain.

Shashank Dimpu says:

Other risk factors include black heritage.. how is it ??

NPC_1 says:

I meant to search GD Colon, but alright then.

H dog says:

Is colon cancer start when you smoke tobacco or drink alcohol and heavenly smoker

Robin Poythress says:

Every 2 years I have to be checked. Last time I had 5 that had to be removed, 3 were cancerous

Judith Raymond says:

Curing my Cancer disease was a dream come true, again all thanks to Doctor Elemomodu on YouTube Who eradicated my disease.

Lenny Anders says:

Keep your magnesium levels up to help prevent this disease

Daniel Hartin says:

"ALL" genders? There's only two, folks.

rshaddock says:

BOTH genders

Ruben soria says:

Good to know

Rockit 65 says:

Of all genders??? There's only TWO!!!!!!

William Mason says:

Cigarettes and weed 420

Christopher Robin Garrish says:


indian mom & house wife says:

hello sir my father met an accident in 2015 December where his intestine get damaged.. doctor did surgery…after 6 month of surgery he diagnosed by hernia.. he wait for two years then in 2018 doctor operate his hernia.. but from last two whenever he eat any oily or hard even tea milk or curd too.. he started suffering from vomiting and abdomen pain.. in last Feb doctor diagnosed that his intestine making loop so he get hospitalized and doctor cleaned his intestine via a nasal pipe.. but still the problem occurring in every 15 days .. can you help me please what could be the reason behind this??? please help me

Josh Kelly says:

My dad died at 38 with colon cancer I'm 38 in July I'm worried because other than him my other family member has had poloups

Paul Schlender says:

So now men can have babies?? How wonderful!?.

Muhura Dedan says:

This is what took my dad. He had all these signs

Frank Trice says:

My first sign was I was getting weaker and weaker. Routine lab tests showed my RBC count was low and getting lower. I asked my doctor why my RBC count was dropping, and he said I was bleeding. He gave me a referral for a colonoscopy. Within a couple of weeks I was talking with a surgeon. I asked him to schedule surgery as soon as possible. After surgery, my surgeon told me he got it all. No need for chemo or radiation. I was really lucky. Early detection and surgery without delay saved my life.

The truth says:

I'm 43 years old I did the whipple surgery last year for this type of cancer.. this type of cancer could sap out the strength of the hulk..

Jelly Fish143 says:

I’m 21 so I’m probably fine cancer wise, but I’ve been going back and forth between diarrhea and constipation, and they have been really mucusy and sometimes bloody. I’ve also been getting dizzy when I stand up too quick and feel like I constantly need to go to the bathroom even after I just got out so I’m going to get checked out soon. Hopefully it’s not something major, but there is definitely something wrong.

Curt Richardson says:

I cancelled my colonoscopy.ha.


If you eat a bad diet and smoke and drink Then you become susceptible to colon cancer.

Joyce Hounkanrin says:

My mom has stage 4 colon cancer, she is doing rather well.

curtis byrd says:

Im 65 as of march 13 2022 never had a physical since high school……. back is shot , however i put a roof on by myself (and stacked it 89 bundles)…….took 31 days lucky I had my Brett Favre on….saved my life

Crystal Nelson says:

I never had a doctor tell me I had cancer and had to be tested… I have only been tested for high blood pressure , cholesterol,and sugar D 3 and my B12 got test last month doctor said everything is excellent. Weigh in I lost 15 pounds .I'm eating healthy and I m doing and feeling just fine .I also very Entergy.

karen quinn says:


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