Vaping VS Smoking: A Closer Look

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Vaping has undergone a surge in popularity in recent years, concerning many health professionals, especially because of its prevalence among younger demographics. In this video we discuss what vaping is and address some questions related to this topic, such as the whole debate around “Is vaping better or worse than smoking? and “What does the research currently say about its health risks and the mysterious vaping-related sickness that led to dozens of deaths in 2019?”.

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This video is provided for general and educational information only. Please consult your health care provider for Information about your health.

This video was made by McMaster students William Douglas, Youssef El-Sayes, Stephanie Amoah and Muntaha Ahmed in collaboration with the McMaster Demystifying medicine Program.

Copyright McMaster University 2021.


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Garion Ramsey says:

They both dangerous they not good for you at all

Vape Lsd Shroom Dmt Available legalthccartstore says:

You may appreciate the absence of noxious odors, and this is one of the advantages of vaping. The environment or your rooms will be smoke-free, and everything around you won’t have some nasty smell. #legalthccartstore

Ben Kennedy says:

Cigarettes are flavoured now. I think they going for children. Vaping is way better. I rather say if vaping was in the 60s I'd be far heathier today. You cannot stop children smoking. If they want to they will. Excuses about children vaping is absolutely junk. If 21+ is an adult wants to vap let him
Many anti vapors are alcoholics.

Nonya beeznuss says:

I'd say based purely on personal experience that vaping is about 1/10th as harmful as smoking (provided you are using commercial products and not black market bootleg vapes and eliquids).

BUY DMT LSD & VAPECARTS legalthccartstore says:

Cannabis cartridges are becoming more commonplace among cannabis users. This is because they are incredibly easy to use, are convenient and produce quality results. Learning about the benefits of using cartridges can help you decide if switching to a vape cartridge is right for you

Alfie Jones says:

me 12 and smoke 1 pack a week

Randy Abeyta says:

Smoking Vapes is bad 4 you

richard richford says:

Lungs are for breathing air .

timothy clancy says:

Vaping is perfectly fine when used in moderation by an adult using legitimate brands.
Want to know what's dangerous? Alcohol.

100% of cases of non thc evail have vitamin e acetate in their lungs. Something not contained in legitimate vape juice.

Suzlina Omar says:

Had a family member who died of lung cancer, and it is partly related to smoking. So smokers, please take care of your health and stop now.

KM07 says:

this comment section is really encouraging for a smoker. thank you everyone.

KM07 says:

encouraging comment for a smoker. thank you

Joshua Harrington says:

I still believe it’s safer than alcohol

Bottom of the Map says:

Vaping hurts my lungs worse than cigarettes

Olympia Sherron says:

What about vaping CBD using a rechargeable vape pen? CBD does NOT contain THC, tobacco, or nicotine. It only has CBD in it. CBD is a natural treatment for anxiety & chronic pain.

Nautical 13F says:

Vaping is this generation’s cigarette same way all these people commenting how they started really young and are now older.

Ern GameZ says:

I start smoking 8
When i was in village now am 45.
Smoking helps asthma problem

Jayce Fischer says:

I love vaping, but I don’t love nicotine. That said, vaping is eons ahead of smoking (literally). I would rather inhale a vapor similar to water vapor, over smoke. Have you ever sat by a campfire? Then you know how that shit burns your throat! I’m not saying YOU should vape, but I do. Especially because of all the options for tapering off nicotine. It’s a no-brainer! I can’t believe some idiots would rather smoke cigarettes than vape!! It’s just dumb

Jare says:

3:00 Called this the SAME DAY the first kid died. My dad was trying to get me to stop vaping which I understand and didn't think I was right.

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