The Deadliest Virus on Earth

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Go ‘beyond the nutshell’ at by diving deeper into these topics and more with 20% off an annual subscription!

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In the 1970s thousands of Chickenheads rained from the sky in Europe, making foxes and other wildlife confused and very happy. Why? They were filled with a vaccine to fight the deadliest virus known to humanity – since the 1930s a rabies epidemic had been sweeping across wildlife populations in Europe and humans wanted to finally get rid of the virus once and for all.
Rabies is named after Lyssa, the ancient Greek spirit of mad rage, and has been haunting us for at least 4000 years. It can turn animals into angry beasts and humans into zombies that fear water. But what makes Lyssa fascinating is not just how bizarre and deadly its infection is, but also how incredibly good it is at avoiding our defenses.


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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

Go ‘beyond the nutshell’ at by diving deeper into these topics and more with 20% off an annual subscription!

AntithesisDCLXVI says:

Definitely shouldn't be afraid of vaccines designed for your health. Should be suspicious of vaccines that are designed for a political agenda, though.

Ghost Wolf says:

I would love to play a game we're you defense your body from viruses, diseases.

hskajdhf says:

Great video, at a time were we are literally making viruses that kill us, the world will end because of the spread of dark Intel like this

hskajdhf says:

It only takes 1 idiot to set off a nuclear bomb, and your spreading secrets codes for people to do it

Austin George says:

Would have been a perfect video without the "Continue this trend of being suspicious of vaccines," remark. The video itself was enough to bring light to those who are suspicious of every vaccine (like a juvenile sister of mine), but really came off making it seem like just because "a" vaccine is invented its immediately safe… as if there's no process for making sure the ones they put into circulation are safe….. when there is a process… a lengthy one.

wes says:

I do not agree with the blanket statement that we should stop being suspicious of vaccines. To be clear, I am NOT saying that ALL VACCINES ARE BAD. I am simply saying that informed consent is important and that we should all should and have a right to question what is being put in our bodies. Where would we be if we never questioned the status quo.

Really interesting video! Biology is so much more complex and fascinating every time I learn something new about it. There are so many mechanisms at play.

Jesse Mitchem says:

Not all vaccines are created equal.

Another Dave says:

Anti-vaxxers seething in the comments lol

Purple The Gorilla says:

This team makes the body seem so cool like im missing out on this stuff i wanna order things to kill themself
Like i can just say kys and it does it

momo rama says:

If only covid vaccines worked like this one

Bob Temmie says:

Even though this was supposed to be scientific, you got to admit that the uno reverse joke was funny.

gavinplays says:

Kurzgesagt thank you so much for making all of your videos. You alone have inspired me to become an astrophysicist when I grow up and to help humanity venture into the stars and have the human race endure anything that the universe can throw at us.
I love anything and everything that has to do with physics and space, when I start talking about space people that listen to me are always in awe on how much I know about the subject and I owe all that to you. I honestly can't thank you enough for all of this knowledge and all for free none the less. So that's all I can say is thank you.

gary davis says:

This video is wrong. The deadliest virus is liberalism. It destroys common sense and flips right and wrong. It questions what a women is and many other wierd behaviors.

Αλέξανδρος says:

Why does it look like a corn on a cob

Sean Merlin UK says:

Viruses suck

Slayerzoid says:

Be a shame if it suddenly appeared in 3 months. Hehe.

《》CASTLE《》 says:

Lmfao viruses…spreading from person to person…don't exist…allegedly.
Viruses definitely exist…allegedly…but they are your immune response to something internal in your body.
You ARE NOT…passing viruses to other humans…allegedly.

kelleh711 says:

……y'all just not going to explain the chicken head thing any further? You can EAT a vaccination? was it successful?

rico0347 says:

"Simple Lysaa with its 5 proteins plays a uno reverse card"
Lysaa W

Gareth Davies says:

There are little Metal Gears in our bodies!? Liquid must be having a field day…

Dream Lover says:

When new epidemic? You have to know

jonhon says:

Lyssa needs braces

Sam Burgess says:

Great vid, why end it with suggesting that being skeptical, something a educational channel should be in favour of, might lead to the return of disease, instead of saying something like "Stop trusting vaccines that have had years of efficacy". You're being political and turning off the people that you want to stop being skeptical to give a dopamine hit to those who agree that vaccine hesitancy is foolish; feeding there superiority complex while dismissing those who happen to be skeptical.

Tysen Mortensen says:

This has to be the YouTube video I've seen in years

louisnskie says:

can you please make a video wat will happen of you dril a holl from the north to the south en fell in That hol

Jo Fubar says:

Wow.. I was expecting that covid will be the deadliest virus in human history..
Media say that covid is the most dangerues..

Sam says:

Wait, Vaccines are effective?!? Who would have thought?

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