My product design process – a walkthrough of the Double Diamond UX Design Process

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I get a lot of questions about my product design process — which honestly differs with each project! Even though there’s no perfect design process, I do use the Double Diamond UX design process as a baseline and toolkit to pull from. Here’s a walkthrough of the Double Diamond UX design process, with frameworks and methodologies you can use at each step in this process.
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0:00 – The “perfect” design process
1:24 – The Double Diamond Design Process
3:46 – First diamond
4:24 – Discover (diverging)
5:09 – Define (converging)
6:31 – Second diamond
7:30 – Develop (diverging)
9:39 – Deliver (converging)
11:39 – How this applies in practice

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Dave Rino says:

"Delivery" is usually a term to describe the building phase.

Fahad Sohail says:

Very well explained.

Aneta Landová says:

Awesome!!! Thank you for such a high quality content ❤️ im subscribing…

Crystal Davenport says:

Great video! I like the structure of the Double Diamond design process and that a designer can use it as it best serves to communicate important info and design status to the team, the stakeholders, and my manager. Also, I didn't understand previously the converging and diverging focus of the process. For me, I use competitive analysis a lot as a kind of shortcut. My design work is always in context and I can easily contrast the most important feature or design.

chickpeadraws says:

Hi! This was super helpful to me when interviewing and explaining my process so just wanted to say thank you for explaining this process in depth 🙂 Second – what software are you using to draw/write on as you talk?

Patrik Gustafsson says:

Do you see any use for this if the ux designer is part of a product team that refine the goals together with other developers and designers? What would you change? As this seams like introucing developers pretty late. I am curious how it could be for a team that design and deliver together.

Thanks for sharing

Natalya Stralenya says:

Thank youu♥

Kyle Conrad says:

You're awesome. Helped me so much in understanding how to have a process. And was very clear and practical. Thanks Femke!

Verda says:

Today was my first day in my first ever Product Designer role. This is so helpful and has already reduced my anxiety about doing well in my role.

shirazigs says:

You are amazing! How about making a tutorial or tutorials start to finish a few real projects in the real world?

Alex Thach says:

Thanks so much for offering up a primer on this framework Femke! I'm taking on an end-to-end data analytics project as my next portfolio piece and your insights are helping me move along in the design process. It feels quite messy but it seems this is the way to spawn creativity and converge on a solution that will hopefully deliver impact 🙂

Lais Ramos says:

Hey! This video was very important for me, because I'm starting to study ux design, I often feel lost in the midst of so much information and rules, where to go, how to do it, how to structure…

It's so good to know that this process can – and should – be very free for creation and critical thinking. So I feel much more confident, thank you for showing this in a very didactic and practical way that is easy to understand <3

Duncan karanja says:

I appreciate your guidance. How can I contact you?

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