Free software, free society: Richard Stallman at TEDxGeneva 2014

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It is the first TEDx talk of the founder of Free Software movement. Stallman, RMS for short, has changed the world with his vision of freedom for the digital age. He launched the GNU operating system, used with Linux as a component, and inspired the development of Creative Commons licences and Wikipedia project. In this talk, Stallman describes how nonfree programs give companies control of their users and what users can do in order to recover control over their computing.

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Dmitriy Shevtsov says:

The problem with free open source software is that it usually sucks in quality. Try finding a free open source app for DMC lighting for Mac and you will find QLC+ which is being updated by the community. And it sucks. It's slow, the UI is awful, but the commercial software for the same purpose is pretty cool. Same goes for music creation apps and VST software. Commercial world brings need to deliver high quality to sell it. Free world does not.

Mateus Gomes says:

Free software isn't enough. We need free hardware as well.

fiori says:

uma bosta nao curti o vídeo

marcello42 says:

ironically we are watching this on youtube since tedx actually still refuses to use good platforms

Burak Üren says:

That was amazing!
Thank you Richard for spreading this idea!

nano says:

he's so good at presentations

hacker he says says:

explàining the control, zero…libra..

Ricky Bhattacharya says:

Nothing is free. If you're using free open source software, no problem. In fact you're investing time in it. Anyone can download it, spread it, modify it as per the need. Then it will also give human beings a chance not to rely on authorities.

Jean-Yves says:

13:28 big oopsie for the ted talk team as the computer runs windows

Leaping Cat says:

100% Corporatism owned, if we follow this path as a software developer.

Employment ≃70% (and increasing) Corporatism owned.

Money ≡ applied intellect. Do not give it away for free.

$ ≠ money. $ = currency printing.

I must have expended millions of KJoules writing software over many decades. If I gave away my applied intellect I suspect I would still be working for some corporation. Instead I 'retired' at 45 and am able to pursue my own interests in software development.

Big tech are a problem because big government is the problem. If government was not so large and parasitical the worst big tech could do is post highly targeted advertising at you. Beside I suspect they would not grow so large if government were small because government would not be able to print all that free currency.

Get real for 2022. It is going to get rough.

Peter Harris says:

I know a graphical designer who wanted to scratch that itch

Trainz Marcel says:

richard stallman <3 <3 <3

Leonssmat says:

Richard Stallman is Karl Marx of computer science

Apollo Eosphoros says:

10 years ago in school [also, pre-Snowden, mind] I thought this guy was a meme. Now as a career software developer I know he's always been bang on

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