Gastric bypass surgery: the results

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KING 5 producer Chris Zito shows off the progress he’s made two months after having gastric bypass surgery


Tonya Valderrama says:

Am losing with mine but am more sick than I have ever been. I would never do it again

KC4x4Nut says:

Thank you for sharing. I have been approved for surgery and I am scared

Anghel Sorin says:

5 months more and I am there to

Kory Kent says:

Chris is pretty hot. I'm 2 weeks away from mine….

Naeem Khan says:

Dr maaz ul hasan. This guy is the only doctor who can make you slim in 6 months… .. search him on YT

RookieRider says:

Ah the lazy American way of doing things. Ah i stress eat. My hormones. There’s no fat people in 3rd world countries.

My God says:

Scared to have bi pass

TeaPartyActivist says:

had the surgery done at tufts. If you are considering getting this surgery, get it done at a teaching hospital. They have the highest success ratings.

If you are considering it, talk to you’re a doctor and those that have gone through it.
Those that are heavy and have done nothing about it are not particularly a good source of objective advice. In fact they seem to be a good source of friends who have friends who have friends that have horror stories.

The real horror story is That of Doing nothing.

Leon Lane says:

Is that op reversible?

Lisa Reed says:

I get my surgery on March 28th 2022 and this is the best video and inspiring out of all of the ones I have seen so far

Jess says:

Starting the process today. ❤️

Vurtonable says:

Try Dr Michael Mosley The Fast 800 Keto before doing surgery.

spar0035 says:

My mom had gastric bypass in 2006 and basically ended up starving to death over the course of 15 years. She died this month. The last 3 years she could barely eat and lost half of her body weight after already being underweight. She was so weak and couldn't walk. The doctors just kept sending her home. Finally her blood pressure was so low she fell and broke her artificial shoulder. She died a week later from surgical complications. Bottom line, this is a nasty procedure and in my opinion should be banned. Yeah it feels good the first two years when weight comes off but beware, for the rest of your life you are slowly starving to death.

Bryan Abad says:

Can this be cover under your insurance?

654Bearcub says:

What a amazing story, great work Chris

Sam says:

I didn't get surgery, but I am glad it is working for people.

Billie-Ocean says:

My weight is killing my knees

John Kennedy says:

I'm scheduled for 8/9/21. I've done 6 + months of pre-op appointments and didn't think anything. Now I'm scared to death.


Hello I have the gastric sleeve surgery back in January 27th of 2021 and I was 410 pounds and now I’m at 336 pounds and lost total of 74 pounds

Onyebuchii says:

Kris , my brother, if you’re watching this im so proud of you ! I’ve started my process.

Jennifer LaPlante says:

Way to go! I am so happy for you and I am 3 wks away from my bypass! You are brave to allow us to see and understand what you went through, thank you!

Ralph S says:

Pulling for you Chris!

That Korra Stan says:

I’m on the waiting list for this surgery. I can’t wait!

Update: I ended up getting a referral from my doctor to go private! I have my appointment in June, but can't get the surgery until September. If I remember to post further updates, it will be done!

Update #2: I forgot about my appointment in June, but luckily was able to get another one on the 19th of July. I'm booked in for surgery for the 28th of September! So excited!

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