After 18-year-lapse House passes semi-automatic gun ban

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Amy Johnson reports on legislation passed by the House of Representatives that revives a ban on semi-automatic guns. The legislation is widely expected to fail in a equally divided U.S. Senate.


Alex Meyer says:

Wth why is everyone so chill

Norman Grochowski says:

With School shootings being the leading cause of death for children in the USA maybe we're finally starting to get a handle on not giving assault weapons to any misfit that wants one. This Doesn't violate our Right to Bear arms. Anybody who can't see the need for vetting & background checks on people, needs to get a background check on themselves. Besides all that, even if we all owned assault rifles, it would be a joke trying to use them against Tanks, Drones, Jets and the US military.

Mary Broderick says:

Don't be stupid people. These are hunting rifles, not assault weapons! You need a powerful weapon to bring down elk, deer and hogs. A 22 is ANIMAL CRUELTY and dangerous!

mrbozo says:

"Semi-automatic gun ban"? Get the facts straight before you report them. What's the plural of Doofus?

Known says:

Heroine is very illegal yet many people still obtain it… how is banning any firearm helping this situation?

Another pluss1 adventure says:

Down with the Democratic party

Stephanie Greene says:

Because giving the general public access to military grade weapons is freaking RIDICULAS and asking for mass murder. Doh.

J says:

Not gonna pass a senate vote.

Rog Varley says:

From my cold dead hands!

Kephers says:

Not gonna pass the senate. Even if magically did, the supreme court is gonna slap it down.

cliftonsuber says:

1775 all over again, I guess the world is about to hear that shot again.

American Spawn says:

democrats want war. I will not comply with their ban. To paraphrase from Part 2 of the movie Atlas Shrugged, if the government believes it can "seize my property simply because they want it, then so does any burglar. The only difference is that the burglar doesn't ask for my permission…. If you sentence me to jail, send armed men to get me. I will not volunteer to go. If you fine me, you'll have to seize my assets. I will not volunteer to pay. If you feel you have the right to use force against me, then show it for what it is… bring guns."

Chuck OBryan says:

LOL, these people are fools. I wish I was a gun dealer because they will sell out this weekend.

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