Watch again: Donald Trump speaks at America First Agenda Summit in Washington, DC

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Donald Trump spoke at a summit in Washington for the first time since he left office.

Mr Trump delivered a speech on crime at the America First Agenda Summit, stating that the country after his presidency is “going to hell”.

The former president returned to Washington amid the January 6 Committee hearings, which are investigating the 2021 attack on the Capitol and the role that Trump played in it.

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Bing Bang Bong says:


Ima Kroesen says:

How can Kevin McCarthy be your good friend when he was backstabbing you at the last moments Biden was stealing the presidency?

Kama M Muhammad says:

19:50. That is why countries like Saudi and Brunei has no drug problem, no crime problem because they institutes Tough Syariah Law!

LeAnn Davis says:

But yet biden is giving CHINA OUR OIL

Ron Parks says:

Trump's Bannon Buddy was arrested for stealing $millions$ from Trump's supporters for the fake raise funder for the wall. Trump pardoned Bannon.

LeAnn Davis says:

Make obama pay for bringing in all those illegal aliens UNLAWFULLY ! Cancel his presidency pay, same for hilary!

Ron Parks says:

Trump should be arrested for stealing $millions$ from his supporters based on his big lie that the election was stolen.

Ron Parks says:

Talk about the violent crime against the Capitol Police you incited

Ron Parks says:

Eastman and Rudy will be indicted soon

Ron Parks says:

How can this guy Trump still be talking in public after he incited the biggest sedition riot against the American Government. Had he tried that in another country he had been shot for Treason

Peter. Borneo says:

Greatest President of US ever and no wars. From Asia

Veronica Lake says:

Donald Trump your My President..

Ann Mural says:

President Trump is the greatest president in my lifetime. God bless you
Mr. President, please
stay well and in His care.
Thank you for all you did for this country and hopefully in the future too.

Hang Vu says:

Thank you Mr. President
Donald J. Trump

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