The Deepest Image Of The Universe Ever Taken

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The Deepest Image Of The Universe Ever Taken
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The latest Hubble finds are mind-blowing! Just look at this newly forming giant exoplanet from the constellation Auriga that is nine times the mass of Jupiter. What about this breathtaking image of a head-on collision between two galaxies collectively called Arp 143? They passed through each other, causing a giant triangular firestorm with thousands of stars bursting to life.

But the telescope was able to capture much larger events. Its pictures changed astronomers’ views of many secrets of the cosmos. Hubble even became a time machine allowing scientists to look into the past of our Universe.

So what other astonishing images did the telescope capture? And how did one image made by Hubble change science once and for all?

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The Destiny voice:



DoomImpending says:

that first pic in an artist rendition but this chanel acting like its an actual image wtf im gone

A1441 says:

Amazing images!


Praise to the MIGHTY PAGAN GODS.



Israel Miller says:

So we are seeing the past when we look up there can someone enlighten me

Michael Sailo says:

BRUH Have you heard of the James Webb telescope,this is 11 days ago and why are you just talking about the old hubble telescope

Zain Nuñal says:

This is the reason why i want study physics

021. Sohanur Rahman says:

All praise to Allah. No one worthy of worship except Him, creator of the seven heavens

a girl named brett says:

it always blows my mind that we look into the past when looking up. it's truly wild to be floating on this big blue marble hurtling through an infinite universe

Regen says:

The thumbnail has nothing to do with the video but still a cool video!

Bob Weird says:

Small correction here…the Tadpole Galaxy UGC 10214 is 400 MILLION ligh years away. Not 400. Our closest neighboring galaxy is Andromeda roughly 2.5 million Ly away.

BabaTV says:

Hubble?! We are talking about webb now !!

ϝἒɾØ says:

note that we are seeing these images back in the past. if you do not know what i mean, take the butterfly nebula for example. it is 2500 light years away and we see using light, and the light is travelling at lightspeed (obviously). and since the nebula is 2500 light years away, we are actually seeing what the nebula looked like 2500 years ago.

i know i explained this incredibly poorly, there are a ton of videos that cover this concept, go watch them if youre interested

Destiny One says:

All I see is a video full of computer generated images.

Nicky Santoro says:

Teach us something about the dark energy please. You don't know? If that's the case you don't know nothing about any space isn't it, so who care about this images at all? 4500 satellites around the earth – well make one photo of that with your magical telescope if that's not a problem…

TUW says:

400 milion light yrs not just 400


first 7 min are waste

Jay Harris says:

Awesome and informative video. The new pics from JWST are just stunning. Can’t wait to see all the new discoveries we make in the near future with the new telescope.

Astro Mallu says:

james web will change every thing the will find a exoplanet which is suitable for life in ten year it will answer every question humanity have
but one think remain un answered who created this marvellous creation that answer only know on the judgement day

Saurav says:

Koi to hai jo nizam-ae-hsti chla rha h

Beni says:

Wonderful stuff

In the name of Jesus Christ says:

"From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 4:17.

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