Donald Trump plays ProAm 2022 LIV golf Invitational Bedminster Swing President

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Donald Trump plays ProAm 2022 LIV golf Invitational Bedminster Swing President

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James Taylor says:

Hey tried to watch,couldn’t watch,they wanted credit card #,not gonna watch if that’s the case,love LIV but can’t seem to connect, I seen the first two on YouTube,but this one I couldn’t.Is there another way to watch anybody.

jonathan simcox says:

What an absolute bunch of cunts. Feels like it’s very little about golf and very much about money. Fuck em.

Nodiggity says:

Why is it that he golfs so much less now that hes not president.

controllerbrain says:

0:24 he looks different

Walk on hot coals says:

There’s a great book about Trump and golf called the Commander in Cheat.
His caddy has green tees for the rough. And apparently his nickname amongst the caddies at Bedminster is ‘Pele’.
A total conman on and off the course.
Won’t be watching.

Christo says:

I hear he rode a bike there. It’s how he stays in fantastic shape.

Dan Waldie says:

A complete bozo!

Bach Vo says:

The man is a legit golfer, still swinging that TourAD shaft like a pro. No comment on the presidential period.

Twitchy says:

No one here is talking about how trump just looks off. Like he looks very different.

BuckshotPA1 says:

This will. cost Trump a lot of votes in the Primaries!

Stephen McCoy says:

Looking forward to watching the next PGA event without these guys.

That One Guy says:

Sandbaggiing The Deep State

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