North Korea's Kim Warns He's Ready To Use Nuclear War Deterrent

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned he’s ready to use his nuclear weapons in potential military conflicts with the United States.

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JDOG 1974 says:

Well we are even better and ready !

Hallamstyles - TOPIC says:

Kims a big pu$$y if hes going to use nuclear war that's a pu$$y move

Skylar says:

A military that has antiquated equipment, armour that cannot be used in training because N. Korea doesn't have enough fuel, badly trained malnourished troops…the list goes on. North Korea is all bark and no bite which has a very deranged leader. Even North Korean defectors state they would lose a war within a couple of weeks.

HomieDClown says:

Our supreme leader is just as useless

slowb15 says:

big talk for a place that hasnt seen a conflict in 60ish years.

Michael says:

So Kim wants attention. Short simple headline.

Michael Byczynski says:

no one will ever hit the nuke button how many times are they going to scare if some one was going to do it it would all ready be done i dont believe and of them

james rodgers says:


G says:

China and Russia will support north korea if US enters NK

Cinzia Perelli says:

Someone tell Pudgy to go ahead and see what happens!

BrokedDownPalace says:

Hasn't North Korea been saying they're ready to use nukes and s. Korea and the west have been pushing them to the brink of war for decades? I kinda doubt China would want to get into a direct military conflict with the west, given their growing economy and global relations, there's not a whole lot to gain outside a buffer zone from south korea/Western allies. We would literally steam roll north korea inside of a couple weeks, nukes or not

Henry Horner says:

He looks like the pillsbury doughboy and is probably fully as smart.

PBWK says:

He even looks bored with his own nation so that's why he is doing these threats again to get to the "global table." And I swear even his father is looking up at him saying STFU.

el honey says:

Thank you Joe Biden for bringing us closer to meet our maker.

Gma Nette says:

Poon tang is a little ball of puff

Ollie Bommel says:

Since the ukraine war he has not got enough attention !

nematix says:

69th anniversary, nice.

Peace Onearth says:

His country needs to be set free so they can rejoin the planet. The only way is to get rid of him. How many years are SE Asian countries going to live under the threat of an incompetent man like him who can't give his people the basics of life.

Jonathan Lee says:

Ready to use nuclear devices? Are you also ready for you and your people to be turned into cheese puffs

Einherjar says:

Mr Un, your people are starving and dying of covid. Take care of your people.

Max Shrapnel says:

I wish the US would just Hiroshima them already.

Mariano Rossiniano says:

In conclusion, we need Donald Trump to return to power in the U.S. quickly, because only he can keep peace with Korea.

Einherjar says:

Trump's good buddy… like Putin… uses nukes to try to hold the world hostage…

ZestyScrodumSack says:

Calling your bluff for the past decade. Push the button or shut up. You have a starving population, no real infrastructure, no real economy, no real Allies, and no real global influence.

JS says:

Kim is toothles dog and his statements about nuclear and sacred wars are just bluffs to get oil and food from USA and South Korea

Donar Rivas says:

Thar's true with reality as other media or even CBS try to hide the facts to run their own fabricated news to fit their commercial purposes rather than fitted with the truth.
NK is in the military readiness state after it has learned the SK and U.S are planning for a massive pre-emptive strike on nuclear sites throughout NK. Like RS against nato, It vows to quick counterattack with nuclear weapons to systematically destroy all SK, and as far as the US continent and territories. NK builds the world most powerful 220mm MLS named KN-35 that can deliver 5KT yield at 320Km distance. The gun has been successfully tested 3 times in the past 12 months.

With the new conservative government, SK has been aggressively developing many diff classes of weapons from submarines to 8k ton navy destroyers to tanks to 5th generation jet fighters to export to many countries in Asia. Poland of nato has signed the biggest military package to buy massive SK weapons and tanks. Now, street speculations believe that SK wants to use NK as the proving grounds for its new conventional weapons. So be the NK which wants to use SK as the proving ground for its nuclear weapons, as well as the US to prove its unlimited nuclear power.
Good lucks for these 2 crazy at RIP. Amen!!

Random Content∨ says:

i have a feeling that we are gonna see the sun rising at 1 am

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