"Leland has significant health challenges." -Dr. Christine Ford says of her friend that was at party

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LIVE: Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault while they were teenagers, testify separately before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Ben Clark says:

Wow, way to throw your friend under the bus. Now we know that Leland Keyser doesn’t buy the story and was pressured to say differently. This text message she had with Ms. Keyser probably never happened

Theo dor says:

Thats what they call "throwing someone under the bus"

Richard Carver says:

With those looks , she should be lucky anyone would screw her, much less rape her. I don’t believe this atrocity of a so called woman.

David Soom says:

This is ridiculous, indeed. After 36 years she remembers not where it took place, not what season, not what house , not how she got there, not how she left, she remembers nothing EXCEPT it was remembered 100% that it was Judge Kavanaugh. The judge has had an impeccable life in which there is NO history of anything like this. This is a Democratic ploy to stop Kavanaugh so that they can keep the "right" to aborting. I hope this horrible time of murdering children in the womb, for the connivence of the mother,) will end. A human life begins at conception when the genes of both mother and father come together and gives all their characteristics to a new and individual person. In any other situation ending purposely the life of a child in the womb is considered murder. It is insane to say that and then in the next sentence say that a woman has the "right" to do whatever they want with "their body". When a human is involved, the child, it becomes an issue of the child's body and life. There are hundreds of ways to prevent pregnancy and women can protect "their bodies" by using them and if a child still results it that woman's duty to protect, love and cherish them. Not KILL them. This allegation of Dr. Ford is a masterful ploy to stop the nomination of a good man, Kavanaugh, nothing more and it's easy to see that, whichever your political stance.
It sickens me that a woman can suddenly after decades came a memory and have that claim honored as if it was a memory from yesterday. As these tactics of the Left keep coming more and more voter will see through them and there will bey a back lash like the backlash against Crook Hillary. We all know what is really going on and the further away from reality and truth they go the greater the harm to all of us in this nation. There should be a huge backlash against this woman Ford for not doing her duty of proceeding through the justice system and with the help of the Democratic overlords using this against the established system of judge choosing.

ShamanMcLamie says:

The problem isn't her friend witnessed the event the problem is that her friend can't even recall going to party with Brett Kavanaugh? I would think you could recall going to small party with someone in attendance.

Tnn Dll says:

So it's wrong to ask Ford about her mental health and state; but she can trash her best friend's "health issues" when she doesn't participate in her witch-hunt?

a Democrat alright.

Adam Hart says:

She is so delusional she seems to have thought Leland texted her about getting a lawyer and saying sorry was anything other than Leland calling bullshit on her, and apologizing for having to tell the truth and destroy her claims of a friend.
"I needed my friends to help me gather the courage to fly here" — "I fly frequently for fun activities"
"The polygraph test took hours and I basically told my life story It felt like" —- "There were only two questions asked during the polygraph" "I took the polygraph on the same day as my grandmothers funeral, maybe the next day Im not sure"
"I needed an extra door to feel safe in my own home, prompting my family and husband to ask me what happened"—-"I used it for google interns, that rented part of my house"
"I gave my therapist notes to the Wash Post that stated 4 men were in the room"—"I needed to correct my therapists notes because they were inaccurate"
"I dont remember, I dont remember, I dont remember" — even about things that happened a month ago….

vinnie97 says:

Utter bullshit.

monzaemon92 says:

This woman is everything that is wrong with american democrats. Crazy, liars, without remorse and ready to destroy someone's life just to reach their goals.
Ford you disgust me.

darclick says:

That moment when you testify that your "life-long friend" is unstable and unreliable because she used a lawyer & submitted a sworn statement that contradicts your story.

Blasey Fraud, I was once willing to at least consider you got caught up in false memories. This and other moments of your rehearsed crocodile tears convinced me you are outright lying.

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