Kellyanne Conway on Christine Blasey Ford (C-SPAN)

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Kellyanne Conway on Christine Blasey Ford: “She should not be insulted. She should not be ignored. She should testify under oath and she should do it on Capitol Hill, but that’s up to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The need to decide the forum. And Judge Kavanaugh should also testify as to these 36-year-old allegations.”


R B says:

Is there any in history that is so gifted at having words flow so fluidly from their lips as Kellyanne Conway. She is the master!!!

Joe Doe says:

Kellyanne looks good!

The Amazing Lucas says:

How do you request an FBI invetigation when we have less evidence of her sexual assault than we do BigFoot?

truth btold says:

Democrat Hailmary…

Christopher Philip Reyes says:

POOR DR. FORD is being used and abused by evil DEMOCRAT senators.

Truth 911 says:

Ford is a liar and this is a democrat sideshow! Thanks for waking up so many Americans!

v8veronica says:

Her make up is awful- she needs lessons or a better make up artist

Philosopher says:

Kellyanne is awesome!!

Philosopher says:

Why would you bother to write a congressperson( not police) with these allegations and expect that you would stay anonymous? What was she thinking would be the effect? Does she know how our system set up? Innocent til proven guilty .?

Philosopher says:

The fact that ford DOESN'T'"T want to testify under oath or have ANYONE cross examine her, is basically saying " Ahh yeah i'm not sure about this allegation, all I know is that as a "strong independent women" i don't want a republican on SCOTUS.. HMMMP

Gary Fumeaux says:

The real politics behind this story this is all about Roe v. Wade……… Christine Blasey Ford participated in 8 published studies, which researched uses for the “abortion pill” (mifepristone). In five of these studies, Professor Ford is listed as affiliated with Corcept Therapeutics the manufacturer. (as well as Stanford University)
Can we please stop the lying ………
Also, why were her yearbooks scrubbed from the internet?

4 Dub says:

6 FBI vets couldn't find this out maybe trump is right about the FBI not doing their jobs right.

Brian 48 says:

To ZCorp Alpha. Congratulations to you for being, as of right now, one of the few reasonable adults to leave a comment. Most have made up their minds while having little or no real information. On both sides, it appears that facts are not required. Speculation is enough to attack or defend. The sad thing is that both sides now have a legitimate reason to criticise the other and they spend their time doing so rather than examine the validity of their own beliefs. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I am a dedicated Independent and like you, I would like to see decent and responsible people in office. I'm less concerned about what party they belong to and more concerned that they are honest and decent Senators or Members of Congress or Judges that put their duty to the country first and their duty to their party or their donors after. Sadly, responsible candidates are becoming rarer every year. Someone is lying. If it is Ford then Kavanaugh is a legitimate candidate. If Kavanaugh is lying then he must be removed from consideration. I intend to wait until they both testify and I have as much information as possible before I decide. I see that you are having some trouble deciding who you are. I like being an Independent. There is no pressure to support Republicans simply because they are Republicans or Democrats, simply because they are Democrats. Try being an Independent. It gives you a wonderful feeling of freedom. Thank you for being a "breath of fresh air" in what is a hell hole of unsupported allegations, juvenile insults, childish name calling, sarcastic blather, uncaring and unfeeling loudmouths and liars, and the ignorant and hateful crowd that inhabits the world known as the "Comment section.' Even though you may feel that you are asking too much, You are not and you are not alone.

Joseph DuPont says:

Christine Blasey-Ford 's brother connected with GPS Fusion??? Hmmm.. I say that Christine Blasey-Ford should console the victims of Bill and Hillary clinton.

Zane Groenewald says:

The most sense she's made in 2 years.

Samuel H Mullins says:

Has any president or presidential connection ever sold a Supreme kangaroo Court judge's seat?

Old School Home School says:

The accuser deserves no respect and no hearing. Her claims are as believable as those of the accusers in the Witch Trials.

Michelle Johnson says:

Accuser's brother works for Fusion GPS, her father is a C_A paymaster for assassination/experimentation, her mother presided over a mortgage foreclosure for her parents in the 90's. Not to mention she is a LEFTY activist who scrubbed her social platforms prior to making the accusation. Nothing to see here…move along.

the Annuity Slayer says:

Christine Blasey Ford is already being exposed as a never-Trumper who donated to the DNC, signed a petition to fight Trump's wall, participated in the "Women’s March" (AKA that anti-Trump march).

Stephen Antonio says:

Her students are coming out, saying she is a libtard monster.. wow, I would have never thought..

Beth Grant-DeRoos says:

Maybe its because I grew up around more males than females, but waiting 30 years to accuse a male of bad behavior of ANY kind makes the accuser suspect in my mind. Even more so if the accuser is a psychologist and a Democrat.

prof shad says:

Why the hell does anybody ask that wrinkled old man anything

April Hill says:

Just another “Rules for radicles” tactic & hopefully we get another pic soon #3 then we can watch some real theatrics.

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