'Biggest fear' has come true as Russia cuts gas supplies to Europe

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Russia’s state-owned gas company Gazprom said it would cut flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to Germany in half, to just 20% of its capacity. A US official said the move was retaliation for western sanctions, and that it put the West in “unchartered territory” when it comes to whether Europe will have enough gas to get through the winter. #CNN #News


Ed Straker says:

When you sanctioned a new gas pipeline and then stopped paying for your gas, and then stopped supplying parts to repair the old pipeline, what did you think would happen ? Russia is busy planning a new gas pipeline to China, so you should hurry and find another source of energy.

Off The Grid says:

I'm trying to understand this…
The oil is in Russian territory right?
It belongs to Russia right?
It is owned by Russia right?
They can sell to whomever they want to right?
They can refuse selling to anyone they want to right?
They can change their minds about selling or not selling right?
So I'm trying to understand the logic behind all this…
The EU is standing against Russia right?
Supplying the Ukraine with weapons ammo troop training etc etc right?
So if Russia is peed off about it and wants to change its mind about selling it's own oil to the EU….
So it seems I don't really have a problem with it all then.

Just like any business that can refuse a client or you and I that can refuse to help someone out… Russia can do … HAS REFUSED TO HELP THESE COUNTRIES OUT WITH ITS OWN OIL.
this is a shocker to the EU?
Poor planning and management of you ask me.
The EU did not think for one moment that Russia would do this and if they did, their expectations of the reality were dashed to pieces.
Now all these countries will have to answer for their fiascos when their people start complaining.
In a way I'm glad that this is happening even though in my own country we are seriously feeling the pinch.
When the poor are fed up. When businesses go belly-up, when inflation seriously takes hold, that's when governments will topple.
Hopefully feely-touchy-Biden will also eff off!
The USA started this war in Ukraine. We are now seeing the consequences of greed and manipulation.

I'm not Russian.
But in this idiocy, I'm pro Russian.
You go Russia. Teach them that when warnings are ignored, shit can happen and it can happen pretty damn quick

Jan Tomas Juza says:

Or maybe you can feel the impact of those smart sanctions against Russia.

David Mason says:

biden tells them to stop nord stream 2, send weapons to kill ethnic russians in donbas, keep warm and stop being puppets

Rædwald Saxe-Coburg says:

In 1841, German physician and physicist Julius von Mayer coined what was to become known as a first law of thermodynamics: “Energy can be neither created nor destroyed,” he wrote. It can, however, be converted from one kind to another — by solar panels that turn sunlight to electricity, or in the transformation of natural gas molecules to the heat that cooks our dinner and heats our homes.

“Magnetism is a force, but it has no energy of its own,” says David Cohen-Tanugi, vice president of the MIT Energy Club and a John S. Hennessy Fellow in MIT’s Materials Science and Engineering department. Still, he adds, “magnetism is extremely useful for converting energy from one form to another. About 99% of the power generated from fossil fuels, nuclear and hydroelectric energy, and wind comes from systems that use magnetism in the conversion process.”

Every energy generation technology — with the exception of photovoltaics — relies on spinning turbines that put electrons in motion and push them through circuits and generators. “As these charged particles move past magnets inside the turbines, they create a field around them that affects other charged particles,” says Cohen-Tanugi. “This is the magnetic force that converts the energy of wind and coal and nuclear fuel to the electricity that’s sent out into the power grid.”

Much of that grid is managed by using principles of magnetism, as well. “The transformer stations you see along the highway or in industrial areas are responsible for converting high voltage electricity to a usable 110 volts,” says Cohen-Tanugi. High voltage lines deliver power from the power plant to the transformer stations, and as electrons move through the transformer’s large coils, they give rise to magnetic fields that change the electricity’s frequency to a voltage safe for powering our toasters, bedside lamps, and hair dryers.

Generators and motors in everything from hybrid cars to computer hard drives employ magnets, and researchers are currently investigating the potential of rare earth magnets, exceptionally strong permanent magnets composed of alloys of rare earth elements. Already used in state-of-the-art motors and generators and other energy-sector applications, they represent the next generation in magnetism’s role in energy production.

Hassan Rizwan says:

I don't get it . Its russia asset why should it sell it to you when most of eu has imposed sanctions


EU countries must acknowledge that it was USA and NATO that evoke this war and consequences. Russia had warned not to extend NATO towards East but USA underestimate Putin. And one of the foolish act is EU, instead of looking for their own interest, they join it and blame Russia for nothing. EU should had to consolidate instead of sanctions. Is there any action regarding Isreal attacking Palestinian, Syria by EU. What A dump EU.

Jonny Albert says:

Let them cut
We already realize that we damaged 100 percent the Russian economy.
We have to change the energy plan and cut everything from Russia

sena says:

why not make Azerbaijan a member of the EU, the European Union.If Azerbaijan joins, it will meet your natural gas needs for a while longer and you will be left with your orders.

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