The Insane Biology of: The Dragonfly

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Narrator/Writer: Stephanie Sammann
Writer: Inés Dawson
Editor: Dylan Hennessy (
Illustrator/Animator: Kirtan Patel (
Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
Sound: Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster (
Producer: Brian McManus (

Imagery courtesy of Getty Images


Youth by ANBR
Waiting by Brianna Tam
Spearhead by Evgeny Bardyuzha
Seasons by ANBR
Intrepid by Brianna Tam
A Tender Heart by The David Roy Collective
A Contrite Spirit by The David Roy Collective


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William T says:

Evolution …yeeeaaahh riiight no thoughtful design there, the scientific THEROY of random something from nothingness is statistically impossible.
So the pre flood dragonfly was bigger but still a dragonfly, an example of adaptation but still a dragonfly…can anyone SHOW me an example of a change of kind? Or is the atheist scientific community pushing theory as a FAITH based truth? The design of creation itself and just this presentation of the massive complexity of just one BUG in comparison has me chuckle every time the atheist scientific community scoffs at thoughtful design, don't believe in thoughtful design? Make me a rose… about a simple grain of sand…..from nothing, is it a wonder God scoffs at the arrogance of man.

Jantony Hampton says:

So how come they are such amazing flyers and I used to shoot them down with a slingshot back in your moms backyard?

Clarity Ministry says:

How could a pterostigma evolve? Looks like perfect design rather than chance given time.

ahsan habib shipon says:

I think 1000% hunting rate is HUMAN

Ihateyoutubecomments says:

The reason insects and other mammals used to be so big is that in that era man did not yet exist to pollute or destroy ecosystems or destroy the rain forest. Because of that, plant life flourished which intern caused the Earth to produce more oxygen through phytoplankton photosynthesis and land photosynthesis. This excess of oxygen being produced aided in living things to become much larger than today. On addition, that excess of oxygen being produced, helped and aided in evolution as we know it.

SanitaryCockroach says:

I have seen a dragonfly at speed do a 90 degree vertical shift to avoid an obstacle. Like literally the thing went from flying horizontally to vertically, then to horizontal again after moving past the obstruction. No sloped ascencion or angled lift like planes. The critter just went and made an L shape while going 12mph.

P Zakkly says:

Why haven’t they evolved in 100 million years ? So much for evolution looks like they devolved they got smaller

Logan Epp says:

Nature’s attack helicopters

Marc Dumont says:

Dragonflies scare the shit out of me, mostly because they're just so damn FAST. I'm really glad they're harmless…and not the size of my torso.

Jeff Leake says:

if oxygen levels shot up i reckon we'd soon have giant dragonfly's buzzing around again. i wonder if we've ever found any ancestors of these things ?they have to have evolved from something right ? or do they just appear in the fossil record fully formed ?

James Elliott says:

it got smaller because God felt sorry for it's prey.

Surfer Joe says:

We always called them snake feeders as young men……

Raymon Thiboutot says:

There are 100s of drygonflys hunting everyday in my backyards and there arnt any pound near by …

sliva says:

The most interesting and beautiful animal/insect ever. Looks like an astronaut, flies like a helicopter (well, humankind did a paste and copy), comes in every colour of the rainbow, is an excellent hunter if not the best, has invented the miles high club long before humankind used an airplane (well, not miles but mid air nevertheless), is around since nearly the begin of time and is to my eyes the most beautiful and useful insect ever. Love them.
Usually I'm getting "eaten" by moscitoes and the likes and can't drink a lemonade outside as that is the start signal for those insects to attack me. But once I was at a pond and fountain, hot summer day and just wanted to enjoy a cool can of soda. There were plenty of dragonflies around and I admired them for their beauty. Lo and behold they kept all the other fliers under control, did not bother me and I was able to have the open drink can next to me without bees and wasps trying to crawl into it. Since that time I'm a fan of those amazing jewels of the sky.

Thomas Grover says:

Dragonfly's didn't "evolve," they were designed.
Cool video!

DakotaStorms says:

What's the name of music that is played at the 12:00 mark?

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